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10 Signs That You Are the Grinch

  • Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 43 Views


  1. You Avoid People- You spend a lot of your time by yourself, and you don’t mind being your own best friend. When invited to go out, you don’t mind chilling by yourself, and eating snacks, or watching movies. Perhaps your only best friend is your pet.
  2. You Look Unapproachable But Are Sweet- People always mistake you for being such a grumpy person. Perhaps you put up a wall, as a defense mechanism. You try and act all hard, like nothing bothers you, but deep down you’re really sensitive and caring.
  3. You Focus on “Me Time”- Solitude is a must, especially for introverts. We need time to recharge and restore our energy. It’s a must that we do this, otherwise, we become overwhelmed and irritated, sometimes emotional.
  4. You’re not the “Mushy” Type- We all have our ways of showing love, but you are definitely not the affectionate type. You show love by saying, “Hey/ What’s up/ Yo,” over “I love you/ You mean the world to me.”
  5. You’re Misunderstood- Perhaps, you’ve once been called an outcast, some time in your life. People think they know you, but very few know the real you. You are misjudged by a lot.
  6. You Are Blunt- People think you’re rude, but you’re just honest, and many people can’t handle that.
  7. Holidays Annoy You- Perhaps it’s the Christmas music or the holiday cheer, but you’re just over it. Or maybe it’s just certain songs that annoy you, like Taylor Swift’s “Last Christmas” or anything by Michael Buble.
  8. Making Plans is Stressful- You have to think about it for a whole day before you make the decision to go out. You constantly ask yourself, “Who’s going?/ Is it worth it?” You’re indecisive, and it’s obvious.
  9. You’re not Afraid of Anyone- You can stand up for yourself against anyone. You know who you are, and you won’t take anyone’s crap.
  10. You’re Charming- You know how to turn on your charm, when it comes to the ladies or men. Whatever it is, you just got it!









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