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12 Things Independent Women do Differently

  • Wednesday, Sep 25, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 97 Views




Being an “independent woman” may be tied with many negative connotations. Perhaps we’ve been told things like this: we’re too masculine, we want to be a man, or perhaps will end up alone. I’m sure we’ve heard it all.  However, an independent woman doesn’t mean any of those things. Independent women know who they are, period. She knows what she wants and is a go-getter, regardless. 




1. SHE LOVES HARD, BUT IS MISUNDERSTOOD: If she’s been single for a long time, chances are she’s not very affectionate or nurturing.  She may be minding her business, and somebody else will think she’s ignoring them or does not care. However, this isn’t the case at all. She’s so used to being on her own time, and still sees herself as an individual.  She’s conditioned to do her own thing. She loves hard and is extremely loyal, but her independence comes off as “selfish.”


2. SHE RELIES ON HERSELF: She isn’t the type to ask for anything, because she feels the need to get things done on her own. She’s the type to figure it out alone and solve problems, rather than ask someone for help, even if she needs it.


3. SHE WON’T SOCIALIZE UNLESS SHE SEES VALUE IN A PERSON: She’s a bit introverted, if she feels the relationship is pointless. If she notices someone talking about who did what at a party,  who dates who, or any sort of negative drama,  she could care less. She wants to talk about ideas, building, and accomplishing goals. She won’t hang around unless you can better her and challenge her.


4. SHE INVESTS IN HERSELF: She will spend money on things she values, including health, credit, a class, a gym membership, or anything she finds value in.  She knows that she can’t help others if she can’t help herself, first. 


5. SHE’S CONFIDENT, BUT HUMBLE: She’s confident, but won’t let compliments get to her head. She’s probably heard  “Aye ma, you look good,” millions of times, but doesn’t think much of it. She knows there’s a line of guys who would love to date her, but she really doesn’t care at all, nor does she desire to be the center of attention.  She doesn’t define herself by her looks, but by her mind and strength. She downplays. Though she could be a bad bitch, she feels confident wearing hoodies , sports clothes, and no makeup, in public. She knows she’s beautiful, but doesn’t “act” like it.


6. SHE DOES NOT SETTLE: Whether it’s a job or relationship, she will always weigh the consequences. She does not settle for anything, unless she knows she’s happy, period. 


7. SHE VALUES HER TIME: Independent women usually have a busy life, so they won’t feel bad to ignore your text. If she’s busy, she won’t apologize for spending time at home, getting away from people. She needs her alone time, otherwise she cannot function. 


8. SHE ISN’T AFRAID TO DO THINGS ALONE : When it comes to attending an event or going out for a night, she isn’t afraid to take the plunge, and do it, alone. She doesn’t need a crew of people to have fun. However, she loves sharing her time with those she loves, but is not desperate to be around people. 


9. SHE’S SPONTANEOUS: Being spontaneous can be both exciting and dangerous. However, she knows there are risks involved with taking late night drives to Crenshaw and Slauson past midnight, or walking to the beach at 4am. However, she lives her life on the edge. She’s a risk taker.


10. SHE MAKES HERSELF LAUGH: The best feeling ever is when you can crack your own jokes and keep yourself entertained. This is a healthy sign of self-love. She’s goofy and unapologetic. 


11. SHE’S A LEADER WHO CLAPS FOR HERSELF: She knows people, but doesn’t have much support, as in friends who actually care about her success and well-being. Even though she would like a nice support system, she makes herself proud, because she has no choice. 


12. SHE’ STRONG, BUT HOLDS IN A LOT: She is her own shoulder to cry on and her own emotional support. Even though she’s her own emotional support, she secretly wants to share her feelings with someone and be vulnerable. 









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