3 Murder Mystery Series to Binge Through October

  • Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019
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Halloween is coming around and for those of us who aren’t too big into the ghouls and goblins but still enjoy that sense of horror that surrounds the prior weeks leading up to October and all the way to the 31st, these 3 binge worthy shows should definitely be on your list! Especially if you’re looking for a few series no more than a season or 2 long to entertain yourself, these are the 3 that have caught my eye.

1. YOU. (Netflix)

If you haven’t gotten around to watching this already, you definitely should drop every show in your  cue and start here. With only 1 season in you won’t want to stop watching from beginning to end. Without giving away too much this series shows the in’s and out’s, and the thought process of the antagonist Joe, who YOU know is not the good guy but the characters in the show do not. We as an audience get to understand his ways of thinking and beliefs that validate and justify his notion of possession, obsession and love at all cost. Which is exactly how he feels about Beck our main character that he is deadly in love with. This show will have you on the edge of your bed wishing you could actually tell the character’s in the show what is actually happening!



2 seasons that your eyes will stay glued to! This show has a start studded cast that consist of Nicole Kidman, Zoe Kravitz, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley and many more. It takes you through the lives of these 5 families that are of the elite, think Stepford Wives with a way more serious tone. It shows you the women’s insecurities and troubles they have in the home, and Jane Chapman is a new mom to the town, who is young and has a troubled history with men but gets along with Celeste and Madeleine which gets her close to the women. As the show goes along each episode is investigating a murder, which the audience doesn’t get to see til the last episode, and you learn about the lives of these women through the towns interrogation, each episode reveals a little more of how everyone is involved and tied to each other and how they might be tied to the murder. Also, Meryl Streep joins the Cast for season 2!!!



Amy Adams is always amazing in my eyes, but she definitely delivered in the thrilling small town murder mystery series. Camille, Amy Adams character, is a reporter who is running from something, whether herself, a past she cant acknowledge, or a future she can’t see. She is sent back home to report on a murder that happened in her hometown and help look for another girl that has just went missing. We learn instantly that she is not too fond of home or her mother. The show takes you through the relationships of the town, and Camilles’ upbringing in the town, all while still searching for the killer of these two teenage girls. The secrets in the town slowly come to light as the case moves forward. Definitely put this on your list to find out exactly what happens in Wind Gap!

Can’t wait to see what these 3 series will continuously bring with each one of them having REALLY intricate and spider webbed plots and cliffhangers that leave you wanting more!









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