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350s Still A Must COP?

  • Thursday, Mar 21, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 126 Views

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This past weekend Adidas released two more versions of its Yeezy Boost 350 V2. What made this release different than the others was the fact that they chose to release only a specific colorway per region. This weekend saw the “True Form” colorway (middle)  released in Europe and Russia, while the “Hyperspace” colorway (right) will release in Asia Pacific, India, the Middle East, and Africa. The “Clay” colorway (left) will release in both North and South America March 30th.

As it seems with any Yeezy release, cynical sneakerheads (like myself), question whether or not Adidas is killing the hype with so many colorways of the popular sneaker, over 19 since the original release in 2016. And whether or not they are doing this regional release to revive interest in a dated sneaker. Yes this is a conversation I have had with fellow sneaker enthusiasts believe it or not.

The only people that really should be mad are resellers. Adidas has found a balance to satisfy both true collectors and the masses with this type of rollout. The value for true collectors come from the colorways they own. Those first seven can be viewed the true OG colorways and their resale value are still at least 4x’s the retail price. All the other colorways are for everybody else.

Even if you look at the rarity chart below, the triple white 350 at its cheapest, still goes for $40 over retail on StockX. The “Sesame” which literally could have been picked up off of store shelves weeks after it’s release (one I truly regret not picking up), the cheapest one on StockX is $280, but you can see the value slowly rising in all sizes.

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This is brilliant marketing for Yeezy brand. They are building a fan base by getting these sneakers into the hands of people that never knew they wanted them. When they finally do release the next version, hopefully sooner than later,  there will be an even larger demand for the new one, making those OG colorways even more valuable for resellers to buy and swindle hypebeasts.

I love the 350 V2, I have the “Zebras” and the “Cream”. The “Cream” while being the least rare, are the first pair I ever owned. Knowing that they were the widest released version, I chose to paint them myself and now I have almost a kinship with the shoe cause it’s something I helped to create.  I don’t know if that was the intention, but it’s how I fell. While I’m not looking to buy any more and can’t fault anybody that still is. Stop being cynical about it. This is what Kanye wanted, YEEZY’S FOR EVERYBODY!!!









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