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5 Easy Tips to Avoid Getting Sick This Fall and Winter

  • Wednesday, Nov 13, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 54 Views



Fall is here, and Winter is approaching. With the cold weather approaching, it’s time for us to prepare for the sneezing coughing time of the year. While many of us would love to avoid getting sick, I’ve found some helpful tips that can prevent this. Here are 5 simple tips I’ve found helpful for me.

1. Apple cider vinegar– A shot of apple cider vinegar can get rid of some bacteria. It would prevent you from getting a cold or the flu. Also, some honey would help lessen the chances.

2. Exercise– Exercise pumps your circulation and boosts your immune function. Cardio, such as step mill or jogging, can help, when you’re feeling a bit under the weather.  If you’re feeling low on energy, don’t push yourself too hard or go super heavy. Light exercise is best when you’re feeling sick.

3. Drink fluids– Fluids such as green vegetable juice, tomato juice, and chicken broth, are all great. Make sure to drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important.

4. Probiotics– Drinks, such as kombucha include probiotics. Yogurt and kimchi are also filled with probiotics to fight off the toxins in the body.

5. Ginger- No doubt, ginger will boost the immune system, and help fight off the viruses. If you have a sore throat, ginger may be your best friend!









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