6 Albums to Listen to in 2019

  • Monday, Sep 9, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 45 Views

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1. Amala by Doja Cat– Doja Cat is a quirky, bubbly, lyrical rapper with fire bars. “Wild Dreams,” is a chill, electric poppy, R&B type of song you can just vibe to, and it’s slightly sexy. “Tia Tamera” (ft. Rico Nasty) and “Juicy” (ft. Tyga) are some of her most popular songs. Her album is great for vibin in the car, taking a light night drive, or working out.

2. Baby on Baby by Da Baby– Coming from the bottom, Da Baby tells you what it’s like to come from nothing to something, in his album, Baby on Baby. His flow is a combination of hood and rhythmic. He talks about getting money and flexing his ice. He’s one heck of a hit-maker, even featured on songs, such as Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cash S**t.

3. Fever by Megan Thee Stallion– If you’re a fan of Hot Girl Summer and living your best life, you’ll definitely enjoy Meg’s album. In “Cash S**t” with DaBaby, you’ll feel like the baddest in the world. She’s not afraid to let us know she’s all about the bag, and men with bands.  If you’re the type to floss in the club, with your new Steve Maddens, and you’re a bit of a diva, or you’re just feeling confident, Meg’s your girl. 

 4. DJ Mustard’s Perfect Ten-is one album that you’re going to turn up to. With featured artists, including Nipsey Hussle, Offset, Meg Thee Stallion, YG, Roddy Rich, and more, this album is definitely one of the bangers of the year. This album will make you want to pop bottles at the club with your homies or ride in the whip with the top down, and act a fool.

5. So Much Fun by Young Thug– Young Thug creates vibes, with artists featuring Lil Uzi, Dababy, Lil Baby, J. Cole. and Quavo, to name a few. His album is futuristic, electric, and original. Of course, he’s still bragging about Gucci socks, tight pants, drugs, and sportscars. His voice is similar to Atlanta rapper, Sahbabii. 

6. Everything’s for Sale by Boogie –Boogie is probably one of the most underrated artists of West Coast. His song “Rainy Days,” with Eminem is somewhat of a dark, gloomy, and melancholy, but chill. His honesty and rawness are what makes Boogie a type of “conscious rapper.” Boogie talks about being broke to wanting to “make it already.” This album is a reflection of his love life, as well as his career journey. He wants to know if his relationships will be “certain already,” and feels like he’s not yet settled, romantically.  He tells us he feels like he deserves success, and asks why he isn’t sitting at the top.









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