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7 Cheap and Easy Christmas Gifts When You’re on a Budget

  • Monday, Dec 2, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 56 Views

It’s December, and Christmas is right around the corner. Many of us are freaking out, since it’s almost that time of the year where we get to spend money on gifts! However, I’ve found some cheap ways to save money this year, especially if you’re on a budget. So, there’s no need to go broke over our loved ones.  Here are 10 examples of a perfect Christmas gift, this holiday.


  1. Socks– I mean, who doesn’t need socks. In the winter, it’s always great to have the fluffy socks, with little animal figures on them. They’re super necessary and comfortable. After all, who would’t want to keep their feet warm this winter?
  2. Personalized Coffee Mugs– Who wouldn’t want a personalized mug with their name on it, or perhaps their pet? Not only does this mug hold a special meaning, but it’s nice to look at when you’re drinking your favorite cup of hot coffee or hot tea.
  3. Candy– Seriously, who wouldn’t want a cup full of their favorite chocolates? Either you can get a mug and fill it with candy canes, Hershey’s, See’s Candy, M&M’s, you name it!
  4. Home-Baked Cookies– It’s the perfect season for baking, so why not bake with love? All you need to do is spend money on ingredients, and then place them in a plastic bag and bow. Boom! Easy and perfect for the holidays.
  5. Body Care Products– Everybody needs body care products, including lotions, face masks, soaps, shampoos, etc..Who wouldn’t want to spend their winter with soft, smooth skin? Also, it’s a necessity. Try finding some special fragrances, including mint or lavender.
  6. Gift Cards– Be creative. You can buy $5-10$ gift cards to Starbucks, Subway, Cold Stone’s.
  7. Scented Candles– You can either go to Walgreens, Ross, Dollar Tree, 99 Cents Store, or any place that sells cheap candles. Who wouldn’t want to fill up their home with a nice sweet holiday aroma?

These are all great gifts for a large group. You can add any of these to a basket or Christmas stocking. Have fun this holiday, and remember, it’s not the price that matters, but the thought.









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