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7 Reasons Why You Should be Selfish

  • Tuesday, Nov 5, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 66 Views



People will tell you that being selfish is a bad thing, and perhaps you’re a terrible person. However, being selfish is the key to loving yourself and creating happiness.

In society, we are told that we are supposed to please other people.  I’m sure you’ve been told things like, “You’ll never find a husband if you put yourself first/ Your purpose on this earth is to serve others/ You’re a man, so you should pay your girl’s bills/ Real men sacrifice for others/ You should give up your goals if you want to find a husband/ Your purpose is to have kids,” and the list continues. But is it so wrong to make yourself happy?  Here are 7 reasons why you should be selfish.


1. Your accomplishments won’t leave you– All of that effort you put into something will pay off in the end. Whether it’d be working out, pursuing your acting career, or getting your degree, you will have something to fall back on in the future.  You will thank yourself when you wake up one day and realize you worked hard for what you have. You’ll be the one clapping for yourself, without the validation or reliance of other people. Being great never came from relying on somebody else.

2. You can build inner peace– Being your own best friend and voice can really save you. Isolating yourself will help you listen to your intuition. When you’re able to trust your own instincts, you can master your mind. Being selfish means you can make wise choices and think of things that only satisfy your mind and well-being. Moreover, you are more likely to deal with the world around you, because you’re in tune with yourself.

3. Discipline– The more you discipline yourself, you are able to narrow your focus on your goals. As a result, you can block out anything that is a distraction to your life. You are able to figure out what’s best for you, to achieve your goals. It will be easier for you to drop bad habits and cut toxic people, when you’re on your sh**. You are able to focus on your strengths and weaknesses, and will make time for self-growth and improvement.

4. Self Worth– The more time you spend by yourself, you will know your worth. You set the rules. You will realize what or who is worth your time. You will find more value in your own voice, and will build confidence and self-love. You will never know what you want, until you know your worth.

5. You make yourself happy– Trying to please people is annoying, frustrating, and a huge waste of time. Living up to somebody else’s standards is unrealistic. When you try to satisfy other people, you are only hurting yourself. Making yourself happy first is the best way to live, because it’s your life. You are not able to satisfy others, if you’re not content with yourself. You’re in control of  your own happiness. Duh!

6. You attract better– When you do better, you attract better. The right people will notice you when you’re grinding your ass off. Those who say things like, “You’re too busy/ You don’t like me anymore?/When will you make time for me?” are no good. When you focus on yourself, you will attract the right people who may be beneficial to your life, in some aspect.

7. It’s your f*****g life!– Not sure how to be anymore clear. It’s literally your life.









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