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AGoff, Soula Boy’s Underground Trap Lord

  • Tuesday, Nov 19, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 63 Views




photo via @agoff18

Straight from Atlanta, Georgia, rapper, AGoff is on his way to become a significant rapper in LA. From LA to LA, this rapper is making moves, and has released endless amounts of music. Fans call him the Underground Trap Lord.

His music is no doubt trap, the kind of music you’d like to get lit to, and perhaps smoke a blunt with homies. His music consists of synths and key-notes.

In 2019, AGoff released “Demon World,” “Trap Files,” “Trap Files 4,”  “Trap Files 8,” “Trap Files 9,” Swag for Sale 3, and “Lil Drip Tape.”In 2018, he released a ton of projects, including “Secret Stash 003.”

At first, AGoff was a part of Soulja Boy’s SODMG collective, but then left, stirring up controversy, and led to somewhat beef. He founded his own record label, SGOD, and is the main artist of his label. However, this does not mean that Soulja Boy and AGoff are not cool, since they follow each other on Instagram.

For more AGoff, follow Youtube and Soundcloud than newer streaming apps like Spotify and Apple music.









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