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How to Improve Your Skateboarding Style

Posted by admin on  March 27, 2020

Category: Sports Spectrum
In skateboarding, style is very important. You can learn all types of tricks but if you don’t have your own style, they won’t be as impressive. If you’re having trouble improving your style or just don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. The following tips can help you improve your skateboarding style so you can get the most from
Winning the championship is the primary goal of any football team, or any sports team at all really. There is only one reason to go out and play and that is to win the championship. A championship season is not only rewarding to the players that duke it out on the field, but also to the fans that root them
I work for an online sports paraphernalia company that offers a wide variety of basketball apparel and equipment. So much so that potential customers are often confused about what to buy and what will ultimately fit their needs. The majority of the confusion pertains to basketball standards, hoops and goals and what each entails. Well, here’s the skinny on each.

Advantage of ESPN Badminton Sets

Posted by admin on  March 27, 2020

Category: Sports Spectrum
If you are searching for an outdoor badminton kit, then here ends your search. This is a kit which provides you with all your needs to play an outdoor badminton match. This kit helps to set your own match starting from the net to the rackets. This kit contains four highly durable badminton rackets made of tempered steel. These Rackets
Technology has always benefited the sports that it is involved in, and this can easily be seen at major sporting events with large scoreboards or some type of electronic timer. Technology has also been used to create better golf clubs or light weight tennis rackets, but when personal electronic devices started to be produced in mass quantities in the 1990s
The G.O.A.T, Tom Brady has made the final decision to leave the New England Patriots. Tuesday morning on Instagram and Twitter, Brady shared some news with his fans that he will not be returning. This is the first time in the 20 years of the NFL history, that the Patriots will have another quarterback. Fans were stunned, sad, and disappointed

10 Things to Do Under Quarantine

Posted by Atlantis Aubry on  March 16, 2020

Category: Blog, No Category
  photo via opencolleges.edu.au So far, 2020 has been quite a year, and we’re only 3 months in! I know it seems hectic right now, with everything going on, due to the coronavirus. However, while we are in quarantine, there are things that we can do to keep ourselves busy, in this chaotic time. Here are a list of things


Posted by PHTV Crew on  March 13, 2020

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