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    No Doubt photo. Digital image. Bing As No Doubt celebrated their 24th Tragic Kingdom birthday, a couple of days ago, on October 10, there were hints of a possible reunion. On Instagram, Gwen Stefani posted, “Celebrating 24 years of Tragic Kingdom. Thank u for listening gx.” Drummer, Adrian Young, posted on his page, “Let’s do some shows to
photo by @rellyjr   2cupyungin is an American hip-hop artist, born in New Orleans, Louisiana. His style of music is mainly trap rap. He’s lit, wavy,  and knows how to turn up. His songs consist of smoking backwoods, drippin’ in ice, lean, getting money, and bad bitches, to name a few. His most popular song is, “Nintendo,” with almost 5K plays

Things to Know About South Africa

Posted by Atlantis Aubry on  October 9, 2019

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          South Africa is a great place for a nice getaway. There’s so many sceneries to view, such as Capetown or Hermanus. If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to a wonderful place, prepare for an awesome experience. While living there for a month, I’ve learned some things while I was living in 3 different cities.
  photo via treehut.co Some days I want to lay on the couch, drink 3 cups of coffee, listen to music and dance in my bedroom, and lip-sync to Keith Sweat on Snapchat. Other days I want to roam around the city with my boys, have a few drinks, and act a fool. Being an introvert and extrovert is like
      photo via axietyfightersguide.com I’m an overthinker. I know what it feels like to sit with your thoughts and make yourself sad about pretty much everything, from your love life, to your goals, to money. I get it. I know what it feels like when you’re telling yourself, “I’m not enough/ I’m a failure,” and the only option
  photo via nytimes.com Many of us toss and turn at night, and it’s frustrating when we just can’t fall asleep. As somebody who has insomnia, difficulty sleeping, I’ve tried numerous ways to find myself fall asleep faster. Here are some helpful sleeping techniques.   1. Stay off of your phone!– The blue lights on your screen reduce melatonin in the body,
    I’m not here to preach or tell anyone what they should do with their life. Though I can’t say I’ve been in a toxic relationship, I can say that I’ve witnessed it on the outside. If your gut knows you’re unhappy, then you should probably make some adjustments in your life to be happy. Walking away may never
Kevin Lau unboxes and customizes a brand new pair of Nike Stranger Things Blazer Upside Down! Marvel x Adidas AM4; Nike vs Skechers; Mars Yard Toddler October 8, 2019 Nike Stranger Things Blazer Upside Down Unboxing and Burning September 30, 2019 Nike Air Force 1 Low Joker Edition September 30, 2019 Tools to Customize Sneakers September 30, 2019 Nike Joyride


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