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Practicing Happiness in 2019

Posted by Atlantis Aubry on  August 12, 2019

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 via MagentaFP When we think of “happiness,” we think of material things, money, having a husband or wife by the time we’re 30. However, many of us do not fit society’s image, and fortunately, we don’t have to. Being happy is a state of mind, and it’s possible, if we allow ourselves to be.  Here are some ways I practice

New Balance Broadens Appeal

Posted by Kevin Lau on  August 10, 2019

Category: Kicks
It’s been a long time coming, but New Balance is definitely in the midst of a brand revival. I’m not gonna lie to you, there was period of time where I owned many NBs. I was living on my own paying off a car, rent, a school loan, sneakers weren’t the biggest priority for me. I just found NBs to
This week Nike announced its latest innovation in cushioning technology and it’s called Nike Joyride. From it’s press release, it seems as Nike will be marketing Joyride to runners and will then slowly make its way into other demo, similar to the React technology release less than two years ago. What separates Joyride from other cushioning systems is that it

Don’t Buy the Hype!

Posted by Kevin Lau on  July 26, 2019

Category: Kicks
I do my best not hate on sneakers. Like any movie, it could be somebody’s favorite. My last rant came on the heels of the Jordan Brand announcing their summer drops and how terrible I thought they were. And to no surprise you, the public, agreed with me as they sat on shelves for weeks. However this past week Nike

Forbes: YEEZY

Posted by Kevin Lau on  July 16, 2019

Category: Kicks
via Forbes Sneakerheads and myself have questioned whether or not Kanye West and the Yeezy brand had anything new to offer since we haven’t seen any radical design changes and a plethora of 350v2s for the past few years. Sure we have seen some design “leaks” but we could never be sure what was real or fake in this current
@solesbyJC Via HighSnobiety Recently @solesbyjc gave us a glimpse into an upcoming Jordan 1 set to come out this holiday season. The shoe is being called “Fearless”. It was designed to pay homage of Jordan’s transition from playing college at UNC to playing with the Chicago Bulls.  Fearless The sneaker sports a combination of colors from the Tar Heels and

Jordan Brand Expanding

Posted by Kevin Lau on  June 26, 2019

Category: Kicks, Shows
Jordan React Via Nike Jordan Trunner Via Nike Jordan Trunner NXT Via Nike Jordan Brand this week unveiled three new non basketball silhouettes, the Jordan React Havoc, Jordan Trunner NXT, and Jordan Trunner LT .  All three come with react cushioning, and are meant for team sports athletes as opposed to runners.  “All of these are really centered around a
  Ghost Face is finally here and he is quite terrifying. (First few matches against him at least) Unlike other license killer DLC, Ghost face did not release with a new map and a new survivor. For example, the Michael Myers DLC came with Laurie Strode and a free level called Haddonfield. (So no Sidney Prescott, unfortunately) But like other


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