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  photo via businessinsider.com   Many of us are hoping to get in shape, so let’s get to it! There are many types of exercises, from deadlifts, to cardio, to pull ups. Here are five simple steps you need to succeed in your workout. Eat Carbs– Yes, carbs are your friend! I’m not talking about potato chips or Hot Cheetos.
photo via goalcast.com Life happens. Sometimes we may love someone who does not love us back. Maybe our gym crush is in love with another woman, or maybe the girl of your dreams is marrying another man. Whatever the case may be, life happens, and once in a while, we break down and cry. Sometimes we feel weak, unwanted, low,
Stuntin’ is a habit for David Banner! David Banner is not only a rap legend, but is one man who wants to empower black people all over the world. Moreover, he calls himself an activist, not just a rapper. Banner has collaborated with an independent retro basketball footwear brand,  Ewing Athletics: the David Banner x Ewing Rogue. The David Banner Rogue
    Issa Rae– This “Insecure” actor, Issa Rae is one black leader who is making big moves, not only for herself, but for her community. In Slauson, Rae has opened up a cafe, called Hill Top Cafe. Moreover, she has a new music label with Atlantic Records, called Raedio. Look out for her new movie, called ‘The Photograph,’ which

5 Things to do When Life Gets Tough

Posted by Atlantis Aubry on  February 3, 2020

    photo via bing.com Many of us go through tough times, and sometimes, it may seem impossible to get over it. Perhaps, it’s a loss, depression, or maybe you feel alone. Whatever the case may be, you are not alone in these tough times.  The truth is, we are hard on ourselves, and it’s okay to feel like this.
    photo via brooklynvegan.com Megan Thee Stallion isn’t stopping anytime soon! As a matter of fact, she has a lot going for her this whole month and the next. Sorry, my friends, but Hot Girl Summer isn’t ending any time soon, and will carry to Spring and Fall. Since next week is Super Bowl, Meg is gearing up for
Junru Bian / EyeEm via Getty Images   Like Daniel Power says, “You had a bad day.” We’ve all had those bad days, where it seems like the whole world is against us, even when we’re just trying to be good people. It sucks, right? We ask ourselves, “Why is this happening to me?” and “Is it karma?” No matter
photo via SONY Pictures Animation Back in 2012, Matthew A. Cherry Tweeted, “I’m gonna be nominated for an Oscar one day. Already claiming it.” 8 years later, that dream come true has been spoken into existence. Matthew A. Cherry  launched his first Kickstarter campaign, creating the animated short Hair Love.Now, that’s something to brag about. In black culture, it was the norm


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