California Poppy x Rex Life Raj

  • Monday, Dec 24, 2018
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Finding dope new songs by artists on accident is always a great feeling, but finding whole albums by dope new artists is even better. That’s the feeling about Rex Life Raj’s new album California Poppy. I found out about Rex Life Raj about a month ago with his single Long Way and was instantly hooked.

Raj makes you feel like you know him on a personal level from the honesty within his music. Coming from Berkley, Ca Rex Life Raj reminds me of the one super cool dude you know that makes really dope music and always seems to have great energy. California Poppy highlights this artist’s creativity and levels.

Granted California Poppy will more than likely be categorized as hip hop, it is much more than that. Raj does rap, but also sings. Having a range of subjects he’s talking about, this project is highly personal on multiple levels whether it’s about coming up in the music game, being the one that was laughed at and riding the bench or finding the light inside and doing something that has true meaning.

Rex Life Raj seems like one of the artist from the 2018 class of artists I’ve found out about that’s going to have quite the lasting career in music.

Check out California Poppy below.









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