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DC Legends: A Guilty Pleasure

  • Monday, Dec 31, 2018
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 407 Views

There are numerous turn based rpg games on iOS and android that pleases my Pokemon collecting behavior. One in particular include DC Legends.  This game is a turn based rpg that was developed by WB Games San Francisco for iOS and Android. This is a guilty pleasure game for me because of the collecting and turn based combat, but can be a annoying because its free-to-play.


The twist to this game is that you collect characters from the DC comics universe, such as Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. Instead of capturing them, like the Pokemon games, you collect tokens to unlock them. For example, if I wanted to unlock Captain Cold (The Flash’s Villain) I would need to get 15 tokens of that character. When I do get a new hero or villain, it is recommended to still get tokens for that character to buff their stats even more.

Along with the collecting DC characters, the turn based combat is fun and simple. The teams you create can consist up to four characters, each with their own moves and abilities. There are some characters that offer a buff to their team if they are set as the leader. So, finding characters that sync well with other character’s abilities is important when taking on waves of enemies.  The game offers a ton of missions to collect what you want…most of the time. 

 The down side to this game is the usual free-to-play stuff. Such as getting random characters from loot boxes (can be earned or bought with money) and having a set amount of energy to do missions ( Energy rejuvenates every 5 minutes or can be bought) It can be quite infuriating when you need only a few more tokens to unlock a certain character but you get someone else from a loot box. 

DC Legends offers the chance to collect my favorite DC characters and use them in strategic turn based combat, but suffers from free-to-play baggage. Luckily, the game has improved and offers a ton of chances to get more tokens without having to pay real money.

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