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Dead by Daylight: Going Against Ghost Face

  • Friday, Jun 21, 2019
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 593 Views


Ghost Face is finally here and he is quite terrifying. (First few matches against him at least) Unlike other license killer DLC, Ghost face did not release with a new map and a new survivor. For example, the Michael Myers DLC came with Laurie Strode and a free level called Haddonfield. (So no Sidney Prescott, unfortunately)

But like other killers, Ghost face comes with a new ability and three new perks to take down the survivors. Ghost Face ability, Night Shroud, is a mix of Micheal Myers (Stalk survivors to get them in an exposed state) and the Pig (He can crouch).

What makes him different from Michael Myers and the Pig is that he can also lean to the side when hiding behind the wall and also that survivors can shut off his ability to stalk by simply looking at him. (Center the camera on Ghost Face) As a survivor, you are informed if you are being stalked by a high pitch sound effect and a red ring surrounding your avatar on the bottom left.

Along with Night Shroud, Ghost face’s three perks include I’m all Ears, Furtive Chase and Thrilling Tremors. I’m all ears allows Ghost face to see any aura of a survivor performing a rushed action outside their terror radius. (Jumping through a window or over a pallet)Furtive Chase shrinks Ghost Face’s terror radius every time he hooks an obsession. (Every obsession hook, he gets a token)

The most useful one of the three is thrilling tremors, which activates when Ghost Face picks up a downed survivor. When activated, all Generators not being repaired by Survivors are blocked and cannot be repaired for short duration. The blocked generators are highlighted by a white aura. 

Ghost Face is a fun killer to play against because his ability to stalk while crouching and leaning behind the wall. Whenever I find out that I am playing against Ghost Face, I become paranoid when ever i repair a generator. I Scroll my camera around non stop just to make sure he isn’t stalking me from my blind spot.









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