Dead by Daylight: Going against Legion

  • Monday, Dec 17, 2018
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 405 Views

Dead by Daylight’s new killer, Legion, has finally been released. As a survivor main, I was pretty excited to go against Legion (Teamed with three other survivors of course). The Legion can be different people depending on the costume they wear.

Legion’s power called Feral Frenzy and three perks that he/she comes with counter many survivor strategies, such as hiding in a small shack, teamworking on fixing a generator and body blocking. After numerous games against Legion, I think he/she is pretty challenging.    

Feral Frenzy allows Legion to sprint and gives players who got hit a bleeding status effect, which forces players to try and mend the wound. If the survivor is bleeding, a meter bar will appear and once it reaches zero, the survivor would drop to the floor.

Every Legion I played against had two perks, which are Sloppy Butcher and Hex:Ruin. Sloppy Butcher make survivors leave a bigger blood trail than usual when they get hit (normally, it takes two hits to down a survivor) and requires more time for a survivor to heal. This means that the survivors would be busy healing themselves or each other, instead of fixing generators. In addition to sloppy butcher, most of the Legions I played against also had Hex:Ruin. This perk makes a generators require more time for it to be fixed by survivors. (These perks put together is such a pain, but I love a good challenge) Legion with feral frenzy and a few perks can make things pretty interesting but most importantly thrilling and fun.

*screenshots taken from PlayStation 4









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