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Dead by Daylight: Going Against the Plague

  • Thursday, Mar 21, 2019
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 332 Views

As a fan of Dead by Daylight, I was excited with the announcement of the new killer. As a survivor main (starting to like playing as the killer though), I was definitely looking forward to going against the new killer named The Plague. She has a gross power called vile purge, which involves her puking a stream of bile. Along with her powers, she also comes with three interesting perks, which are dark devotion, infectious fright and corrupt intervention.

Vile purge allows her to infect survivors either by barfing directly on them or barfing on things that survivors will have direct contact in, which include, generators, wooden pallets, windows and other survivors. If a survivor gets fully infected, takes a while for a survivor to get fully infected, they can get downed by one hit by the killer and they cannot be healed. The only way to cure the infection is for the survivor to find fountains scattered around the map and drink from them.

Unfortunately, the fountain will become infected once a survivor uses it, which means the Plague will be able to turn their green infectious bile into a red one for a limited amount of time if they drink from that corrupted fountain. Red bile allows the Plague to instantly damage a survivor.

The three perks she comes with can get pretty annoying to go against. Dark Devotion allows her to transfer her terror radius to another survivor. (Survivors will hear heart beats, the terror radius, when a killer is nearby and it will beat quicker as the killer gets closer to them) Infectious fright allows the killer to find other survivors if they knocked down a survivor. For example, if she knocks down a survivor, any other survivor near the downed survivor will scream. Corrupt intervention (the annoying one) covers three generators, for a limited amount of time, furthest away from the killers spawn point. This forces survivors to fix generators that are closer to the killer.

The Plague is fun to go against because of how her powers work. Should I cure myself on a fountain, but give her a fighting edge with the red bile? If I rescue an infected survivor from a hook, it will make both of us infected (survivors cannot use the same fountain)  A lot of thought goes into dealing with the Plague and man, it’s a joy to do so.

*All screen shots taken from PlayStation 4.









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