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Donald Glover’s Adidas Collab is Here

  • Wednesday, Apr 24, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 160 Views
Via HouseOfHeat

As mentioned two weeks ago in the sneaker news, donald Glover is partnering with Adidas on a trio of sneakers and we are starting to see the results. The three remixed silhouettes are are the Nizza, Continental 80 and Lacombe. Each sneaker has a base cream color and what looks to be a seemingly deconstructed canvas upper. Each shoe also comes with accented laces which can be described as giving it that cartoon aesthetic, this is most noticeable on the Nizza, the first shoe to be released. The shoes will range from $80-$100 when they are made available.

What I’m really loving is the marketing campaign used for the sneakers as they are actively pushing for the consumer to wear these. This slogan can be found on their product page.

“YOUR SNEAKER, YOUR STORY The surface: a blank canvas, ready to tell your story. The design: reimagined through special treatments Created by Donald Glover. The Story: your own, created through your life experiences.”

Especially with the low starting range compared to other celebrity endorsed sneaker, it’s a great way to get people to actually use the sneakers or at least not get bent out of shape over a crease or scuff.

Glover is one of the best current artists out there. He writes, directs, does stand up, raps, acts, and he does it well and respected among his peers as well as audiences. Everything he does has so many layers and actually has a reason to be made. Now he is taking that drive and applying it to sneakers. He is subtly saying we don’t need to buy the hyped celebrity, athlete endorsed sneakers to want to be like them. Buy these because its about your journey. It’s just a little ironic that these can be viewed as just another celebrity sneaker though.

Via Complex

So during the first weekend of Coachella, Childish Gambino, Glover’s rapping persona, headlined. While there he was surprising fans by air dropping pairs of the Nizza to the concert goers much to their delight. Then this past week Glover and Adidas released a bunch shorts promoting the shoes. Each short stars Glover as a fictionalized version of himself, with whom I believe to be his mother, play by Mo’nique. Each short is very reminiscent of his show Atlanta as Glover seems to be a fish out of water in his own home. The Nizza is featured very prominently as it is being worn by him and more importantly beat up. You should check out.










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