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Don’t Buy the Hype!

  • Friday, Jul 26, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 92 Views

I do my best not hate on sneakers. Like any movie, it could be somebody’s favorite. My last rant came on the heels of the Jordan Brand announcing their summer drops and how terrible I thought they were. And to no surprise you, the public, agreed with me as they sat on shelves for weeks. However this past week Nike did a surprise drop and released the Travis Scott (TS) Jordan 1 Lows to(o) much fanfare. While I appreciate the fair chance to get some hyped shoes, these shoes are absolutely overrated and deserve to be put in the dumpster.

The Travis Scott Jordan 1 lows is the latest example of hype. The original TS Jordan 1 Hi is a masterpiece. It’s along the lines of what I would call a perfect collaboration, paying homage to the original Jordan 1 as well giving it enough of a twist to make genuinely unique. The lows are just a poor retread. They aren’t a good basketball shoe and they look way too much like a far more super SB Dunk Low or an Air Force 1. The public is buying into the hype because of the demand for the first one. I know this because not once has anyone ever said they were looking forward to the low. Everyone has always trashed the J1 low. 

A Masterpiece

An Abomination








A Variation on the greatest shoe ever made that brings joy to people

The shit emoji










Nike has always released low versions of other popular Jordan 1 highs to no fanfare. We saw what they were doing. Go to StockX and you can find any other pair for retail or less. This show the lack of love for this model til Scott put his name on it. Look at these side by side comparisons. I guarantee that no one would prefer the lows. The color scheme is even different and uglier that the highs and you can’t justify this solely materialistic purchase. This is a typical capitalistic move of slapping a name on a shoe that doesn’t sell, get people to think that they are missing out something to create interest and drive up the market. Brilliant business move, but terrible for the consumer. 










I understand that some people may see this as a consolation if they in fact missed out on the highs, but getting the lows is just like when you parents got you a VR trooper toy when you really wanted a Power Rangers Megazord and Dragonzord. It’s not good and your denial isn’t helping. I’m sorry that I’m an old 90’s kid and you don’t get that reference. And I also totally get that these pictures make them both look super terrible.

If you are reading this, which I doubt you are, think about what you are buying. Does it really mean that much to you? Buy a shoe cause you want it and you want to wear it, but for the love of god STOP BUYING THE HYPE!









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