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In the world of fashion, art, and entertainment, hosts AP and Kami young midnight bring you into that world and the fun begins. Giving you insight, perspective, and comedic satire all at the same time. “WAT NOW” is all for the creatives, artists, and innovators alike bringing the respect back to the art and culture. Keeping you in the know, the now, and preparing you for whats ahead. So expect the latest in fashion drip, news, and trends, artist reviews, and any outlandish creativity in between. So come and join the conversation and lets be fly and drip sauce together!

Season: 1

Wat Now? – E12

Wat Now? – E11

Wat Now? – E10

Wat Now? – E9

Wat Now? – E8

Wat Now? – E7

Wat Now? – E6

Wat Now? – E5

Wat Now? – E4

Wat Now? – E3

Wat Now? – E2

Wat Now? – E1

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