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Forbes: YEEZY

  • Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 83 Views

via Forbes

Sneakerheads and myself have questioned whether or not Kanye West and the Yeezy brand had anything new to offer since we haven’t seen any radical design changes and a plethora of 350v2s for the past few years. Sure we have seen some design “leaks” but we could never be sure what was real or fake in this current internet age. But here comes Forbes magazine doing their latest profile on Yeezus himself, written by Zach O’Malley Greenburg, and now we know so much more. 

Greenburg recounts the interesting day he spent with Kanye getting to know him up close and personal. Ye is even more of an intricate, obsessively detailed person than I could have ever imagined. The sheer fact that he made Greenburg put booties onto his shoes to enter his house, like an art exhibit, makes him seem as if he the guy you want to be an acquaintance with because he’s a good dude but not a full fledged friend because if you get to know him too well, it sort of gets old. 

We also get a timeline of Kanye’s journey from the early 00’s to today from his early days as a producer to the present Yeezy empire. It’s inspiring to hear that he does put as much thought into the sneaker design than other athletes or entertainers in their footwear. The fact that he took the time to intern at Fendi, an Italian luxury brand shows that he cares and this isn’t purely a cash grab.

via Forbes

But the part of the story that got sneaker Twitter excited were the pictures. We got to see Kanye in the middle of a circle of a thousand Yeezy prototypes. There were unreleased silhouettes, colorways, slides, boots all seen in the pictures. The overwhelming amount got me excited again about the Yeezy brand. Look a those pictures, there ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t wear because I’m a Yeezy zombie, even the the 451s cause I want it to look like there is some kind of monster eating my feet. Click on the pics to get a better look. Is there something in there that you are excited about let me know! And read the article!









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