Friday the 13th the Game- Multiplayer: Fun and Frustrating

  • Monday, Nov 19, 2018
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 242 Views

Friday the 13th the Game is a survival horror video game developed by IllFonic and published by Gun Media. This game pits one player, as Jason Voorhees, against other players trying to escape. (Whoa! Just like the movie) The killer’s goal is to  kill all the survivors in the map by using powers that catches a survivor off guard, such as teleportation and invisibility. Along with those powers, the killer can also use a melee weapon, throwing knives and bear traps. The killer is fun because once you have a survivor in your grasp, there are multiple ways you can kill them. These kills can either be based on the choices made in the main menu or be based on the items near the killer’s surroundings. For example, if the killer catches a survivor near a tree, he will proceed to impale the survivor on one of the sharp branches.

As a survivor, there are a variety of ways to escape the clutches of Jason Voorhees. The survivor can survive for 20 minutes, survive for 5 minutes if the cops were called or escape with a vehicle (car or boat). There are steps needed to call the cops and also to escape using a vehicle.

For example, survivors will need to find a car battery, gas can and a car key to escape using a car. The variety of ways to escape makes playing as a survivor thrilling and fun.

As much as I love playing as the survivor of any survival horror game, it can be quite frustrating. These tasks to escape require cooperation with other survivors, but if that’s not working out, all survivors are doomed. It is also annoying when a teammate gives away other survivors’ positions, accidentally or on purpose.

Friday the 13th the game has its moments of fun, but other players (especially as a survivor) may ruin the experience.










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