Game of Thrones Ultraboost is Coming

  • Thursday, Mar 21, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 130 Views

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Adidas finally officially announced their Game Of Thrones, Ultraboost collab. The collection includes six sneakers inspired by House Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, The White Walkers, The Night’s Watch, and Daenerys’s Dragons. They are set to be released March 22nd a few weeks before the final season of Thrones begins.

From a HighSnobiety article, adidas Running senior product manager Stephan Schneider said the reason for the collab was “When you look at Adidas and HBO, or Game of Thrones particularly, you have two powerhouses and two iconic brands. We wanted to bring a sports icon and blend that with a cultural icon to create a really powerful and meaningful story.”

As a big fan of Game of Thrones, the show (not the book, I ain’t got time for that), and anything Ultraboost, I can’t help but feel disappointed by this collaboration. None of these colorways feel different from other Ultraboosts we’ve already seen. I will admit that I do like the Lannister and the White Walker version strictly based on these pictures.

via Adidas

Via Adidas

The gold accent on the dark vibrant red really work for me and icy blue heel cup and cage really make those sneakers stand out. As for the other four I think they are bad and uninspired. I feel like they took a Game of Thrones superfan and put him in front of miAdidas (defunct Adidas customization option) and said “Make a Game of Thrones sneaker but only use a running shoe that doesn’t fit the aesthetic of the show, but we can put “Winter is Coming” and “Fire and Blood” on the heel tab! That’s cool and different… right? People will like that! We’ll sell tons.”

What about hi version of the Superstar with a metal shell top with a worn metal looking paint job, so it looks like it could’ve been worn during the Battle of Blackwater, how about a pair of slips that are inspired by Arya’s training with Syrio or at least give me some platform shoes and tell me they are Tyrion’s brothel shoes!


How can you get this Captain Marvel one so right just weeks earlier and miss so hard on this?


At least when Adidas did the Dragonball Z collab they tried doing something different. You could tell they were inspired by the anime. Not everybody liked it, but it was sure as hell better than this. 


 Go and buy these sneakers because you like the colors and because Ultraboosts are the best sneakers you will ever feel on your feet. Don’t buy them because you love Game of Thrones because you will be disappointed unless you have a Khal Drogo thong, then these sneakers might just be for you.










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