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Is $870 for this Gucci shoe, too much?

  • Friday, Apr 5, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 192 Views
Via Hypebeast.com

Gucci recently made waves online for a design choice and I’m not talking about their turtlenecks. These Gucci “distressed” low tops going for $870 had Twitter in disbelief.

They kinda look like a worn Nike SB Dunk low, so not the worst thing in the world. I have to think that the people hating on these shoes are either not into sneakers or have a problem with a $870 asking price for sneakers, which I totally get. I don’t think I could ever pay that much for shoes, but isn’t everything Gucci overpriced anyway?

What these fiscally responsible haters fail realize the trends in fashion in which vintage is so popular these days. I’ve seen vintage concert tees go for at least $500 in shops around LA. There are shops, such as Sean Wotherspoon’s Take Two, dedicated to selling used clothing at high markups. Nike has released many sneakers this past year with the vintage worn look and all of them have been praised. All the examples have insane resale value, in some case more than that Gucci sneaker  and nobody batted an eye.

I recently saw these Maison Margiela in person. These are best described as trash shoes. In pictures they look like garbage, but in person they are so ugly they are appealing. These shoes retail for $1645, yes that’s right. These shoes are a total flex.

Nigel Sylvester x Jordan 1 Via SneakerNews

For me personally, I don’t find it desirable, to buy something that appears used. However I totally endorse wearing it in yourself and getting that desired look. The Jordan 1 x Nigel Sylvester was made to look like one that he wore in as he biked. Those sneakers are special to him because he skated in them, he has a special connection to that sneaker because he biked in them endlessly and he became pro BMXer. I could see fans of Sylvester wanting to get the sneaker, but I can’t imagine anybody else wanting them for the right reasons. You just want a used looking sneaker that’s a tribute to somebody you don’t care about? Why???

Via Hanyuzing

Nike recently revealed a SB x Air Jordan 1 collab that capitalized on the used aesthetic, not because it is made to look vintage, but because as you wear them and beat them up they change to a different colorway. They go from a a purple/gold color to the classic Chicago colorway. This really should make any enthusiast  want to use them everyday.

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I turned these into those. My first custom.

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I’m not immune to the vintage look hype as I customized my own Nike SB Dunk HI. The denim looked nice but after awhile I thought they needed a refresh so I bleached em a little bit and used some sand paper on em to distress em. Now I have incentive to wear them to really give an authentic vintage aesthetic. You like?

Although brands are just making what people are buying, “You should wear yo’ shoes!”









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