Jordan Brand Expanding

  • Wednesday, Jun 26, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 54 Views

Jordan Brand this week unveiled three new non basketball silhouettes, the Jordan React Havoc, Jordan Trunner NXT, and Jordan Trunner LT .  All three come with react cushioning, and are meant for team sports athletes as opposed to runners. 

“All of these are really centered around a team sport athlete,” said Davie Cin, Jordan Brand senior design director. “We’re not going after the real skinny, hundred mile runner. We’re going after any athlete that’s trying to train to get faster.”

I have lots of thoughts about these sneakers. By no means are any of these shoes pretty. Both the trunners have this weird heel cup web design and personally I think the Jumpman logo is way too large on both. Maybe with the right colorway this could be something I would purchase. 

However the React Havoc ones are pretty ok. They look pretty normal with a much more normal looking heel cup design and a breathable mesh upper (This is all based on pictures I haven’t tried them). They look like the evolution of the original Nike React shoe which will appeal to many. 

Although I don’t like these trunners, I have to give credit to Jordan Brand for actually trying to bring something new to the market. For years now the knock on them is that they are pretty much just a retro factory, making all of their money off re-releases from sneakers created decades ago, so at least they are trying. 

I should be the one to change the mindset that Jordans are only for basketball and I don’t want to even consider anything after a 14. If Jordan Brand is going to grow they need to expand and we as consumers and critics have to give them the benefit of the doubt because then we won’t get anything new. It’d be like only wanting to hear “Old Town Road” and booing Lil Nas X if he tried to sing any other song. 

But I’d wear these over a pair of Team Jordans any day. 









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