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Jordan Summer Collection Are Team Jordans

  • Friday, Apr 26, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 125 Views
Jordan Summer Collection Via Sneakenews

Believe me I hate to be that bitter old sneakerhead that just talks trash on new sneakers cause he just doesn’t “get it” but here I am. Over a month after seeing Jordan Brand tease their summer 2019 releases I still can’t get over how bad and uninspired this brand and is slowly becoming. Besides their retros, Jordan Brand is slowly losing its appeal and fading into Team Jordan territory.

Jordan 8, 7, 6 via Sneakernews

Just at these sneakers who are they for. First of all for a “summer” release the Jordan 6s, 7s, and 8s are all too bulky to be a real summer shoe. There is no breathability and I’m willing to bet that most people wear the shoes without tying them, cause they think they are cool, and the movement of the foot creates a friction causing your feet to get hotter faster. So you slapped some cool grey paint…great. There is nothing here that I couldn’t have done with a sharpie.

Jordan 13 Cap n Gown Via SoleCollector

As for that all “Graduation Day” Jordan 13, get out of here with that. Classic shoe, terrible colorway. If you are wearing these during graduation, do yourself a favor and get a regular pair of black shoes for your parents sake. They are more versatile, you can wear’em to a job interview and not look like a child. I will address my bias here, but I hate all black sneakers. They look too formal or should just be used for work. The 13’s look to formal to just wear as sneakers, and just look tacky if you try to wear them formally. This is the total dad shoe colorway when he wants to seem hip and relate to the kids, but be taken seriously by his peers and just comes of as an out of touch ass.

Jordan 14 Ferrari Via FootWearNews

As for these Ferrari jordan 14s, they took away some of the lines on the side that really made the shoe seem sleek, and replaced the leather upper with suede. I love this dark yellow colorway but that isn’t enough to justify a purchase.

Would you buy a Ferrari without the lines in the body? NO because it would look like a piece of crap and all the other guys going through a mid life crisis would make fun of you. PASS

Via SneakerFiles.com

As for these neon trash Flyknit Jordan 4s…WHY?!?!?! Ok cool, they are flyknit, great for the summer, a breathable shoe. These colors are trash. Nobody really wants these colors, maybe girls, or if there is a Save by the Bell party, these shoes could match something. I just don’t get it. I feel like I have an idea of what people want and I just don’t see any of it being it. Look for these sneakers upcoming in your local outlet store and if you buy of these sneakers don’t talk to me.

Jordan Brand needs to stick to basketball and not be concerned about forcing a basketball sneaker into the lifestyle category. Let it happen organically and that’s when you know you have a winner. I really like the Why Not .2 and I appreciate what the 33s were. They were original shoes that pushed design and technology. JB needs to do more of that.









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