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LA’s Upcoming Artist, Kalan.frf

  • Tuesday, Oct 29, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 56 Views

Photo by Nathan Sissle

Kalan.frfr, is a Los Angeles rapper, singer, engineer, and songwriter, who’s on his way to become the next big thing. As a 14 year old, Kalan began his music journey, making beats. He was accepted for San Diego State College, and received a scholarship to play football. However, his destiny was music.

Kalan’s newest project is, “Leak the Tape,” (found on Spotify) that was released in October, 2019.  His previous projects are “TwoFr” and “Hurt,” which were released in 2018. In “Beautiful Story,” he tells us about his struggle, being broke, from the slums. He says the streets don’t love him, but he’s willing to grind and stay rich. He tells us he gets hoes, but his boys are his ride or dies.

Kalan’s fans seem to be confused, because they’re not sure if he’s a singer or a rapper. The great thing about Kalan is, he won’t be categorized as an “LA rapper with an LA sound.” He switches it up real quick. He can be playful and flirty in his songs, like “Fine Ass,” but he can also be a hard ass rapper who gives no fucks, in “Hot N Ready.

With over 1 million views on YouTube, “Fine Ass” is one of his hottest songs. Kalan flexes in his Adidas suit, and his gold chains. This video gives off a downtown LA kind of vibe, as if he’s in a fancy penthouse, full of pretty women. Towards the end of the video, Watts rapper, Jae5ive, makes an appearance.

Many fans compare Kalan’s sound to Sada Baby, K. Camp, and Roddy Rich. Though he’s from LA, Kalan definitely has more of a Detroit sound. Still, he says he wants to stand out and stay in his own lane.  On song, Hot N Ready Freestyle, fans agree, “this shiii go hard.”

Though he may come off as a hood dude, mumble rapper who gives no fucks, Kalan is a college graduate, who’s got a story to tell, and will do just that, along his music journey.


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