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Monster Hunter World: Witcher Quest – A Cool Experience

  • Thursday, Feb 14, 2019
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 295 Views

Monster Hunter World has had a few cross overs with other games such as Final Fantasy 14 and Horizon Zero Dawn. Each cross over offers a new armor and weapon for players to use. (A moogle costume for your cat, Aloy’s bow, etc..) The recent crossover with the Witcher franchise is no different. Players can get Geralt’s silver sword in the form of a sword and shield, armor that makes you look like Geralt, a cat armor resembling an ugly monster and Geralt’s ignis runes (Allows you to shoot flames from your hands).

Along with a weapon and armor, the quest also offers a new monster(Leshen from The Witcher games) to hunt, Dialogue choices (Similar to The Witcher’s game play) and Doug Cockle reprising his role as Geralt (Awesome sauce).  Fighting the Leshen can be challenging because it can call in multiple Jagras to attack you, an aoe attack that launches you in the air and it can cause bleeding.

There are also two hidden side quest you can do when hunting down the Leshen. Based on my experience, you can get an attack jewel if you complete at least one of the side quests. I also recommended completing the Gajalaka Linguists quests if you want to complete all of the side quests.

The quest was a fun and exciting experience on the first play through, but got tedious when I had to do it two more times. (The dialogue choice and Geralt scanning foot prints sequences) Fortunately, the items gained from the quest is well worth the hour and a half grind.

*All Screenshots are from PlayStation 4










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