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Emerging Stars from the Music Nebula or ESMN is a music talk show harkening back to the days of MTV’s Unplugged Series. ESMN is hosted by actor and comedian James Maple. James interviews and showcases some of the freshest new talent within the music nebula. Each episode consists of an exclusive interview and live performance in hopes to shed light on these Emerging Stars from the Music Nebula. ESMN also has THE ECLIPSE, an area of space-time in the paraverse for bonus performances, bloopers and behind the scenes content.

ESMN Season: 1

Emerging Stars – Lady Midnight

Emerging Stars – Alicia Sky

Emerging Stars – Jefferson

Emerging Stars – Valter

Emerging Stars – JaMiss

Emerging Stars – Denny Love

Emerging Stars – Hello Human

Emerging Stars – Talia & DJ Johnny James

Emerging Stars – P.M.G.

Emerging Stars – Lady Katherine

Emerging Stars – Riss

Emerging Stars – B.L.A.K.

Emerging Stars – Eddie Immer

Emerging Stars – The Lion Heart

Emerging Stars – Miliah

Emerging Stars – Therese

The Eclipse

Eclipse – Lady Midnight “Death Before Mourning”

Eclipse – Lady Midnight “Fake News”

Eclipse – Alicia Sky “Ghost”

Eclipse – Jefferson “BLSSD”

Eclipse – Valter “Ride”

Eclipse – Valter “Setting Free”

Eclipse – JaMiss “Ladies Who Grind”

Eclipse – Denny Love “Good One”

Eclipse – Denny Love “Divine”

Eclipse – The Lion Heart “Home”

Eclipse – The Lion Heart “Kingdom Come”

Eclipse – Therese “It’s All Gonna Be Alright”

Eclipse – Therese “Song For The Boys”

Eclipse – Therese “Sunday Prayer”

Eclipse – Rozen “Bead of Sweat”

Eclipse – B.L.A.K. “That’s What I Like”

Eclipse – Therese “Get Up And Dance”

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