My Reaction To Reaction Videos

  • Thursday, Sep 5, 2019
  • by Salvador Gutierrez, 42 Views

Within the last 10 years, people have made thousands of hours’ worth of reaction videos.  I’m talking about videos where someone sits in front of the camera and watches a video someone else made.  Sometimes, the person is reacting to another reaction video…smh.  Most of these videos have views in the single digits, but they all add up to millions of views.

It is fun to show videos to friends and family and see their reactions because those people are special to you.  I really couldn’t care less about a stranger’s reaction to a video.  Before I watch a reaction video, I already know that the person is either going to get scared, to cry, or just try hard to be funny.  Why do I need to watch that?  The people are almost never involved with the video so they don’t have any insightful commentary.

Some of the very popular reaction videos include multiple people reacting to a video and each person represents a different demographic so that the viewer gets insight into society and humans….that’s a bunch of pretentious artsy-fartsy bullshit.  It doesn’t matter what demographic you fall into, you’re still going to react with fear, sadness, or happiness and the reaction isn’t even 100% genuine because everyone is reacting to the camera.

Reaction videos can be good promotion for a video, but I think they are lazy.  Be more creative with the video or more scientific with the research.  Make a short narrative, sketch, or documentary. If you can’t think of anything good, then don’t upload it, no one has to see your reaction!

People will still be making reaction videos in the future, but everyone will only be watching the new ones.  No one is going to revisit an old video of some stranger watching a video. And reaction videos make it harder to find the original video they were reacting to so it’s not really a good option for promotion.

You’re not a bad person if you watch reaction videos, but it will never be the best use of your time.  You’ll be much better off watching videos here at Planet Hopper TV.  You can expect to see good reaction videos here at the studio, and at least you can earn points while doing it.









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