Nike and Adidas Celebrate Earth Day

  • Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019
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In case you didn’t know, April 22nd, is Earth Day. This past week Nike and Adidas both announced their plans for the upcoming/awareness Earth Day campaigns.

Via Nike (top) Cortez (Mid) Blazer low (Bottom) Air Force 1

Nike teamed up with Los Angeles based artist Steven Harrington and is releasing a collection of classic silhouettes, such as the Cortez, Air Force 1, and Blazer, made of their sustainable flyleather. The leather is made from recycled leather that uses less resources to produce. Each sneaker will feature Harrington’s illustrations that try to show that taking care of the Earth is something we all need to do.

Artist Steve Harrington at work via Nike

From Steve Harrington said:

“Sustainability can be a very daunting subject to tackle. It’s one that a lot of us steer clear of [because] we think there’s not much we can really do. But this project for me is talking about the fact that every little bit counts.”

If you are in the LA area, Harrington currently has an exhibition running entitled, Magic Hour, running until April 21, at 670 Anderson St. from 6PM-10PM

Via Adidas

Not to be outdone Adidas,  with Parley for the Oceans, announced this week that they will be releasing “upcycled” Major League Soccer jerseys, to be worn by all 23 teams this upcoming weekend celebrating Earth Day. The jerseys remain in the traditional MLS style jersey, but now with the Parley aqua color that has been a constant in Parley products. This is not Adidas first time partnering with Parley, as they have had a partnership for over the past 3 years. Parley for the Oceans is an organization that concentrates  on reclaiming plastic trash found in beaches and coastal communities, then reworking the plastic into technical fibers that can be used for apparel or footwear.

Via Parley TV

The Parley line started off with a single Ultraboost sneaker but has grown into a full sneaker and clothing line. It is said that each sneaker created takes 11 plastic bottles out of the ocean.  

While this may not seem significant on the part of Adidas, they have been at the forefront of sustainability for quite some time. They have set goals and are actively trying to achieve them. You can get a full report here.

It’s great to see the two leaders in sportswear making an effort to help. Nike and Adidas championing the cause of sustainability and for a cleaner environment can make a big impact because these are some of the brands that most everyday people interact with. Whether we like to believe it or not, we are susceptible to messages that we are exposed to and this just happens to be one we all should all get behind. Most consumers today hope that the money the spend isn’t going to a company that is doing evil things. While we as buyers may never know the extent of all the underhanded things that these large companies may do, it’s comforting to see when a business is seemingly trying to do some good.

Hopefully one day all of the objects will be made of something recycled and we won’t know it and we can have it all









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