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Nike Introduces Joyride

  • Monday, Jul 29, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 80 Views

This week Nike announced its latest innovation in cushioning technology and it’s called Nike Joyride. From it’s press release, it seems as Nike will be marketing Joyride to runners and will then slowly make its way into other demo, similar to the React technology release less than two years ago. What separates Joyride from other cushioning systems is that it consists of TPE (a copolymer of plastic and rubber beads) zoned off in the soles of the shoes allowing the beads to move and mold to your foot for a perfect personal cushion for your feet.

Inside the Sole of Joyride

“Joyride is engineered to help keep legs fresh by delivering a personalized underfoot experience with great impact absorption in a surprisingly light, energy-returning package.”


I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair to try them out. From what I’ve read from reviews they all seem to be pretty satisfied with the results. Although I’ve read some articles criticizing Nike for using plastic beads as the main material due to environmental concerns, comparing them to the micro plastics used in exfoliating face and body washes. While I do share the same concern I’ll wait til Nike officially responds with all the information, before assuming anything like an uninformed ass that likes to complain for like bait, as Nike has made concerted efforts to curb their waste.


Could this finally be Nike’s answer the Ultraboost? They’ve been chasing an equivalent for years now and while React was popular we all know it ain’t boost. But with Adidas pretty much riding Ultraboost and celebrity collabs, I think people will definitely be giving Joyride a chance because they want something different. It’s gonna be great to see what they do with these beads, will they incorporate into existing models instead of air? Seeing the two toned beads in the heel is the most defining characteristic and it’ll be interesting to see if or how it changes shoe design. After what seems like nothing but a year of retros and collabs I’m excited again. 


The Nike Joyride Run Flyknit was available starting on July 25 to Nike members and will be available to everyone August 15th for $180.









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