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  • Monday, Dec 24, 2018
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In a world of mumble rappers, electronic drums and dreadlocks, there are some artists that go against the grain of what the trend is in hip hop is today. One of those artists is Anderson .Paak, and he shows his true uniqueness in his newest album Oxnard. Released November 16th, 2018. Being .Paak’s 3rd studio album, Oxnard  is named after the city that .Paak was born in.


If you’ve been following Anderson .Paak’s career, you’ve noticed that each of his 3  studio albums is named after a specific city in Southern California. Venice, Malibu and now Oxnard. Like the cities the albums are named after, each one is completely different than the other in terms of sound, lyrical content and feel. .Paak was born in Oxnard and from the sound of the music definitely feels as though he has found the homey feeling in his career and is in a great place allowing him to comfortably make music that is sonicaly pleasing, seamless, cohesive and multi-dimensional.


Honestly at first listen I wasn’t feeling this project, but I don’t believe it’s one of those projects that you can judge whether or not you like it or not off of first listen. With that being said, Oxnard honestly gets better with each listen. The album takes you through  .Paak’s journey as a seasoned artist in the music dealing with today’s political America, success, losing Mac Miller and why he really needs window tints.

.Paak is having the consistency of an artist who is going to have longevity and have us telling young people 10 years from now that they don’t know anything about real music.  Being his best release yet in terms of numbers, .Paak has added to his catalog of simply put, great music.

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