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Practicing Happiness in 2019

  • Monday, Aug 12, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 92 Views

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When we think of “happiness,” we think of material things, money, having a husband or wife by the time we’re 30. However, many of us do not fit society’s image, and fortunately, we don’t have to. Being happy is a state of mind, and it’s possible, if we allow ourselves to be. 

Here are some ways I practice living a happier, healthier life.

Self Love– Take a cute selfie, once in a while, and remind yourself of the queen or king you are. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. Tell yourself you’re the sexiest thing in the room. Remind yourself that your validation is the only one that matters. 

Exercise- Working out helps you overcome any challenge. I’m not saying your problems will magically disappear, but it greatly helps reduce stress. When I lift weights, I push myself to lift heavier. Mentally, I know I am strong enough to overcome my goal in the gym, as well as personal challenges in my life. Also, exercising will boost your confidence. When you start to see results, you will feel unstoppable. 

Surround Yourself With Good/Like Minded People– Energy is contagious. Be around those who are going to inspire and push you. Those are the people who are going to benefit you in the future. It would even help to be around those with similar goals and interests as yourself. Your friends are a reflection of your future, so choose your friends and partners, wisely!

Isolate yourself. I’m not saying to abandon your loved ones and drop off the face of the earth. Travel, spend time by yourself to know what you want. If you need more time to be single, then be single. If you don’t feel like responding to a text, do that. If you feel like deleting your Instagram or Facebook, do that. Refresh your mind, and you will have a better understanding on what it is that you want. Get comfortable with being alone. You will learn to be at peace with yourself.

Be Spontaneous– Some of the best moments in my life are when I traveled to South Africa, and sat down by the waves, alone, or standing by the edge of the cliffs. Sometimes, I drive to random spots at midnight and listen to music. You will appreciate life more, when you focus on the little things.












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