Preach Ye’ HypeBeasts, Preach!

  • Friday, Apr 12, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 57 Views

“The Lord works in mysterious colorways.”

PreacherSneakers, a relatively new Instagram account, is calling attention to well known preachers and the cost of their kicks and clothing. The accounts creator says that he just created the account for his friends and to have fun, but it has certainly taken off as the account has amassed 126,000 followers since its first post 3 weeks ago. He or she seems to on point out the shoes of well known Evangelical pastors that preach to stadiums full of people such as Pastor John Gray, Chad C Veach, or Rich Wilkinson Jr. During a Q&A, through their stories, they said “…that they want people to consider how they are stewarding their money and ask the same of their leaders.”

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Rich Wilkerson Jr back at it again with the Air FoGs

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Rich Wilkerson Jr’s Closet

As expected the comments on the posts are polarizing as people have rushed to shame and defend the pastors. People are now seeming to question whether the people that tell them to be giving, charitable and to put others needs before your own, are practicing what they preach.


No matter what my thoughts on religion and what I think a pastor’s role should be, seeing a pastor with more heat than me is depressing. Maybe I should start looking into another side hustle. Look if their vice is gonna be sneakers, I’m actually OK with that, it could be a lot worse. Other people that are in their congregation might feel a little betrayed, think they are being hypocritical and start questioning other things their leader may or may not be doing in the Lord’s name. You should decide for yourself.

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