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Rapper, 2cupyungin Takes Over NOLA

  • Monday, Oct 14, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 65 Views

photo by @rellyjr


2cupyungin is an American hip-hop artist, born in New Orleans, Louisiana. His style of music is mainly trap rap. He’s lit, wavy,  and knows how to turn up. His songs consist of smoking backwoods, drippin’ in ice, lean, getting money, and bad bitches, to name a few. His most popular song is, “Nintendo,” with almost 5K plays on Soundcloud. However, 2cup also shares his struggles, and depicts his more vulnerable side.  In song, “Crunch Time,” he tells us his story about coming from the gutter, and making it to the top. He may come off as cocky, but he’s quite humble and down to earth. He’s a hard working performer who owns the stage, loves to travel and eat. This rapper is creating a name for myself in NOLA, performing at many clubs, festivals, and events.



Atlantis Aubry: (Journalist): How did you start doing music?


2cupyungin: I’ve always had a passion for music but didn’t start rapping until I was 15 years old. My freshman year in high school was the start for everything.


AA: How did you grow as an artist in New Orleans?


2cupyungin: Just by being known by so many people in high school and in my community, I already had so much support behind me. The song that got me out there would have to be “Nintendo.” The first night I dropped it, it did like 1,500 plays. I thought I was gonna blow, but just kept working towards my goals, and ended up opening up for Famous Dex in 2016. That had to be the biggest highlight in my career. Now, I’m about to just turn up from here and take over my city.

For more 2cupyungin, follow his Instagram @2cupyungin and Soundcloud.









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