Red Dead Redemption 2 (Update #3) Online Beta: Meh

  • Sunday, Dec 2, 2018
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 205 Views

Red Dead Redemption 2(RDR2) Online beta is a fun break away from single player mode but it can get annoying. It offers missions that you and three other people (friends or strangers) can do together. All mission starts with a cut scene of an unmemorable character informing your crew of silent protagonists what your objective is. These objectives usually involve killing endless hordes of enemies. At the end of a mission there is usually a time when players vote on either doing an honorable or dishonorable choice. It is fun doing missions with friends, but RDR2 online’s weakness shows when playing solo.

When playing solo, I found it boring and frustrating. It was boring because, unlike the single player mode, there aren’t any cool random encounter missions in online mode. The only random encounters you have are meeting with other players, which leads me to my frustration. So far, every player I have encountered has either tried or succeeded in killing me. I wish there was a mode, where you and the other players can’t shoot each other.

Luckily, other players are marked as pink dots on the map. (You can avoid them, unless you have to go to a store)

The last issue I have with online mode is earning money. Everything necessary to have fun in online mode is pretty expensive. Doing missions or selling pelts multiple times can be a boring grind for a small amount of cash.  I guess the bright side is that it forced me to use the crafting system to cook the animals I hunted, instead of buying food at the market.

RDR2 online was a fun short experience with my friends, but it needs some improvements.











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