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Resident Evil 2 Remake:One Shot Demo – It’s Cool

  • Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019
  • by Jerald Ancheta, 440 Views

Resident Evil 2 remake is an upcoming survival horror game developed and published by Capcom. As a fan of the Resident Evil franchise, I was totally hyped for this game. After rushing through the demo, since it only allows players to play it for 30 minutes (Tip:Pausing the game stops the timer), I find the game to be thrilling and gory. There are a few nit picks, but it didn’t ruin my overall experience with this one shot demo.

The thrill of this demo comes from its tight corridor environments and, of course, the zombies. The hall ways can be quite dark and unsettling, thanks to the sound of zombies banging on windows and the house creaking. I would always have my gun ready whenever I turn at a corner or approach a door because a zombie would usually ambush me. (Not to the point where it gets predictable, but to the point it makes me paranoid)

Along with the thrills, this game can get real gory (No surprise) I mean, look at the screen shots. Seeing a man get mauled in half by zombies or examining a zombie up close caused me to cringe a bit. The gore fits into the game play too, similar to Dead Space (Love this Franchise as well, DAMN YOU EA!) , I was able to disable a zombie by shooting at their limbs. For example, I accidentally shot a zombies arm as I was running away from it (Rushing the demo). The next time I saw the same zombie, its arm was dangling. (Not sure if it affects how it attack).

My nit picks were things that were absent in the demo, but were in Resident evil 4. These include strategically fitting items in a suitcase (I love me some Tetris) and aiming a gun with  laser sight. (Reticles take me out of the game)

A big step up from “Resident Evil 6” (Didn’t play Resident Evil 7, yet.) and a good fill in for that “Dead Space” space in my heart. Totally looking forward to this game’s release and Resident Evil fans should be too.

*Screen shots are from PlayStation 4









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