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Signs That You’re an Outgoing Introvert

  • Tuesday, Oct 8, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 67 Views


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Some days I want to lay on the couch, drink 3 cups of coffee, listen to music and dance in my bedroom, and lip-sync to Keith Sweat on Snapchat. Other days I want to roam around the city with my boys, have a few drinks, and act a fool.

Being an introvert and extrovert is like being on a spectrum.  Some may lie on one end, and some may lie in the middle. So, if you adopt some of these qualities as an introvert and extrovert, you might be an ambivert.

Here are some ways to tell if you’re an outgoing introvert.

1. You’re selectively social- You can fit in anywhere, but choose not to interact with everybody. Being popular or liked is not important to you, and most people may think you’re shy, rude, or antisocial. However, you love being around those who are valuable to you, especially if these people are like-minded and motivate you. 

2. You’re a “superstar”-  You love being in front of people.Most people assume that if you’re a performer (singer, comedian, musician, actor, public speaker, etc.) you’re a popular person who loves being around people, 24/7. That may not be the case at all. Some introverts are creative people who find joy in their craft, and love to express themselves, alone or in front of a crowd. Introverts are not afraid to shine when it’s their time.

3. You don’t care about being liked- You’re not shy, but you’re also not interested in trying to prove yourself to random people. You know who you are and where you stand, but you could give a rat’s hat who thinks what about you. You don’t care too much about other people’s validation.

4.You’re okay with not fitting in-  Standing out is what makes you unique. You don’t feel the need to be like everyone else. You may be goofy with a quirky personality, and will gladly accept it. You’re not afraid to be YOU, and you don’t really give a f**k.

5. You need alone time to recharge– Even though you may have close friends and loved ones in your life, you need your own space to function. Though you may be an interactive person, your alone time is a must. People may take it personally and think that you’re avoiding them, when that’s not the case. 

6. You’re really quiet or really loud– Either you’re the life of the party, or you have nothing to say. At times, you may act a fool and be the loudest person in the room, twerking on walls, rapping to 21 Savage out loud, and Milly Rocking in public. Other times, you’re looking out of the window, quiet as a mouse, and acting like a saint. When you’re quiet, people assume that something’s wrong with you. Having a diverse personality may confuse people, but introverts know when to switch it on and off. 

7. Small talk and drama does not intrigue you-  “How are you?” is always awkward, because you don’t find it genuine. You don’t really care about what Cardi B. did last week, or who did what at so-and-so’s party. You don’t care about the conversation, unless you find value in people. You’d rather talk about goals, music, life, horoscopes, or maybe education. Small talk is not your cup of tea, so you’d rather just dismiss yourself from the conversation and go about your business.

8. You’re introspective– You may be sociable and able to carry on a conversation, but you think a lot. People have probably referred to you as “chill” or “laid back.” However, you’re in your head so much, that people aren’t aware of it. You monitor yourself in social situations, and you give yourself “social points.” So, when you think the interaction is going well, you give yourself these invisible goodie points, but if the conversation goes awkward, you’ll take them away. Introverts are sociable, but so much goes on in their heads.









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