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Simulation Games Need Some Love

  • Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
  • by Salvador Gutierrez, 78 Views

Everyone here at PHTV is doing their best to provide quality content.  However, the crew isn’t big enough to cover everything.    This morning, we received this letter from a fan complaining about our gaming content.  So we’d like to start by thanking Alex for bringing this issue to our attention and for writing this wonderful article in support of simulation games.  Please enjoy and we promise to play more games at the studio.


Dear Planet Hopper TV,

I have watched all your Twitch streams and read all your game articles and love it all, but there is no mention of Simulation games.  Therefore, I have decided to fix that by writing this article.  I would also appreciate it if you guys, from now on, put more focus on single-player games rather than multiplayer games.  Because for me, multiplayer games are stupid.

I accidentally played online one time and I couldn’t win.  The game kept lagging, and no one was playing as a team.  The game didn’t matter, everyone just wanted to say offensive things to each other.  That’s why the best gaming experience is playing by yourself; interacting with the CPU.  It’s the closest you can get to real life.

I was a young child when I first heard of a game called SimCity, where you can build an entire city exactly how you want.  I went to the store and traded a bunch games for SimCity 2000.  When I first started playing 2000, I was angry at how boring it looked.  But 25 hours later, I was a newer, smarter, mature version of myself.  I was now qualified to be a City Mayor.

Video tutorials can only teach you so much.  SimCity gave me the hands-on experience to learn about land zones, tax rates and city ordinances, power grids, transportation, and trade.  All the things that sound super boring!  I then realized that Simulation games are the way to go if you want to learn new skills and grow as a person.  Therefore, I have been playing that genre exclusively for over 20 years.  Except Dwarf Fortress and other text-based games like that because we’re in the 21st Century.

SimCity 3000 was a huge upgrade from 2000.  I learned about a city’s water and waste management, zone density, effects of pollution on population, and ways to increase land value.  More things that sound super boring!  Then Maxis did it again with a new and improved SimCity 4.  They even added MySim mode where you can create a resident in your city and follow along to see how their lives unfold.  Which led me to the Sims games that I will praise later in this article.

SimCity Societies and 2013 look good but feel weaker than their predecessors.  Good thing there’s Cities: Skylines and all its expansion packs to hold the title of ultimate city simulator.  I also spent a few thousand hours on Caesar III-IV and Age of Empires 2-3, but I prefer modern cities instead of history even though the military aspect of the games is cool.  The Tropico series is cool if you like politics and armies, but in a modern setting.  SimSafari is cool if you’re interested in Africa.

SimEarth is boring, but I learned about biology and a planet’s development.  Spore is pretty much an upgrade to SimEarth, but with more focus on organisms rather than the planet.  SimAnt was fun at first, but it doesn’t take long to realize that the life of an ant is boring.

SimLife sounded really cool, but I should’ve known the graphics aren’t remotely close to real life since the game was released in 1992.  I didn’t play much of SimFarm, but Farming Simulator 19 is currently the best game when it comes to be a farmer.  I was impressed with how much work goes into farming.  You absolutely need some intelligence to be a successful farmer.

I played SimGolf for a bit, but I don’t understand why rich people like golf so much.  I never played SimIsle, SimTown, and SimPark because they are too childish for me.  SimHealth is too complex for me, but I learned about the U.S. healthcare system so I was prepared when I got too old to be covered by my parents’ insurance plan.  Streets of SimCity and SimCopter are unnecessary.

I never played Capitalism, but I did play Capitalism II.  It kind of looks like SimCity, but it’s all about business.  After a few hundred hours of playing, I know everything about retailing, market analysis, manufacturing, branding, advertising, research and development, production, and the stock market.

Theme Park and Theme Hospital are fun, but boring after 50 hours or so.  Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is my favorite for teaching me how to run an amusement park, the physics required to build a roller coaster, and giving me the experience of actually being at an amusement park and going on rides.  Planet Coaster has improved graphics and Thrillville is too wacky for me.

The Sims 1-4 and all their expansions have given me some of my most cherished memories and experiences.  I learned so much about having relationships, being an independent adult, how to build a beautiful home and family.  The Sims Stories and MySims are weak spin-offs that you can ignore completely.  The Sims Medieval is fun, but there should have been custom castle building!

Nintendogs taught me how to take care of a dog and train it.  Then I learned about cats in Nintendogs + Cats.  WolfQuest showed me that the lone wolf is my spirit animal.  I am always happy playing as a wolf.  I’ve been playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator games since 2002, so I’m a very good pilot.  Orbiter taught me how to be an astronaut and how to navigate through our solar system.  Kerbal Space Program taught me how to build rockets, aircraft, and rovers.

Trauma Center taught me how to be a surgeon.  Forza Motorsport made me a good driver and mechanic.  PC Building Simulator taught me how computers work so I can now build one of my own.  Train Sim World taught me how trains work and showed me what it’s like to ride in them.  Fishing Sim World taught me how to fish in a few hours, but I didn’t feel like playing any more afterwards.

Many more Simulation games have been announced and that makes me very excited for all the new experiences and skills I will learn.  I was able to write this letter after playing a writer simulator!  And the new games coming out range from truckers, tank mechanic, junkyard owner, ship builder, prison guard, gunsmith, bum, bee, electro mechanic repair, car wash owner, and more.  There will be so many things I’ll be able to do once I decide to leave my parents’ house.  You guys at Planet Hopper have plenty of Simulation games to talk about and play.  Maybe make a Simulation for running a content studio?

Yours sincerely,



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