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Stranger Things Collab Revealed

  • Saturday, Jun 15, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 80 Views

This week Nike revealed their lost shipment tease and it all led to a Stranger Things collaboration reveal. There are two sneaker lines as well  a Hawkins High clothing line.  Each sneaker line contains colorways on the classic Blazer, Cortez, and Tailwind. One set dons the Hawkins High colors and the other sports a patriotic red, white and blue theme. The branding is subtle as the only way “Stranger Things” logo can be found on the the tongue tab or on the inside sole. The year 1985 can be found on the heels as a nod to the fact that season 3 takes place around July 4th, 1985.

I know most people on the internet probably hate this collab, but personally I think it looks great. What did you really want in the sneaker? The 70’s sneaker captures the time because these characters aren’t rich, they wouldn’t be wearing the “high tech” sneakers of the 80’s, so this makes perfect sense. Like I’ve said before I hate when the collaborations are over branded, they can look silly after awhile. This line by Nike you would have to first either know the show to get the Hawkins reference or you would have to be a sneakerhead and into the shoes to get the appeal of owning them. I’m definitely picking up a Hawkins hoodie, maybe the shoes depending on price and availability.

The new season of Stranger Things will be available on Netflix on July 4th.









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