The Benefits of a Social Media Cleanse

  • Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 48 Views



A couple of days ago, I found myself crying, from not getting enough Instagram likes. It all started when I posted some photos I was excited to share with the world. These pictures were fun, sexy, and “Instagood,” with my orange bodysuit and my hair blowing. I was definitely feeling like a hot girl, like Meg Thee Stallion. I was expecting 200 likes, and then was hit with a solid 90. I began to question my worth, and really didn’t feel as pretty as I wanted to. On Instagram, my girl friends will receive 1,000 likes and I only got 90. Another incident occurred when I was scrolling on an Instagram model’s page. Looking at her perfect face and body, I felt beneath her in many ways.

I get it. In this world, we like to feel important. We all crave a sense of belonging and validation. It’s okay. We’re human! The truth is, we let social media get the best of us.


Because I allowed myself to get in my feelings, too many times to count, I’ve decided to take the plunge and delete every social media app for 30 days. Deleting Instagram was the hardest, since that’s where I usually post. I deleted Snapchat and Facebook, as well.


Within these 4 and a half weeks, I found myself feeling much more refreshed, healthier, and would appreciate life a little more.  Here are some advantages of a social media cleanse.


  1. Less Anxiety– We don’t have to know everything. It’s okay not to know what Kylie Jenner ate for lunch, or who has the best booty on the gram. I remember the time I found myself on my crush’s Facebook page, and when he posted, “ One day I’ll find the love of my life,” I went ballistic. I cried for days over a Facebook post that had nothing to do with me, and found myself stressed about something I have no control of. Save your energy for something that betters you, not drains or distracts you.
  2. Freedom– Not being a slave to your phone is a wonderful thing. It gets a bit overwhelming when everyone knows your business. It’s okay to live in the moment and enjoy life without looking at a screen.
  3. Better Sleep– For someone with insomnia, the struggle to sleep, I can tell you that I’ve slept better from shutting off my phone. Checking Instagram before bed can actually cause anxiety and stress, if your brain is consuming all of this useless information. So, if your crush likes another girl’s/guy’s selfie, guess who’s not getting any sleep tonight! Moreover, the blue light on your phone reduces melatonin, which makes it difficult to catch some “Z’s.
  4. Getting Things Done– Just think of what could be done in 3 hours, if we set aside our phone. When I’m at the gym, trying to catch the perfect gym selfie, I lose somewhere between 15-20 minutes of training. Those 3 hours we waste by being on Instagram, can be spent at the gym, writing a song, or going for that audition you’d like to nail. We all have goals in life, and it’s hard to admit that we waste a lot of our time, putting more effort into something artificial, than reality. Let’s get stuff done!










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