The Last Cherry Blossom – Dear Silas

  • Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018
  • by admin, 176 Views

With hip hop being the most popular music genre in America, I can say that I do tend to get tired of a lot of the hip hop that has gotten released in 2018 pretty quickly. But there are times where I will come across an artist that reminds me why I love hip hop so much, and Dear Silas, from Jackson, Mississippi, has done that with his project The Last Cherry Blossom. Released October 19, 2018.


Dear Silas has a lot of promise and range within the music he made for The Last Cherry Blossom. With a mix of subjects such as the come up, being black and beautiful, and being an anime nerd all creatively being woven into one project, Dear Silas has a range of feelings and moods within the songs on this album. On some tracks, such as Straight Up, Dear Silas reminds me slightly of Chance the Rapper’s 10 Day type vibe, but is a still a distinctively different artist than Chance.


The stand out track for me on The Last Cherry Blossom, is the song Skrr Skrr. I feel the track Skrr Skrr is one of those anytime songs, meaning you can put it on during anytime of the day and it will always be nice. I’m not 100% sure if The Last Cherry Blossom is the first release by Dear Silas, but regardless I can see Dear Silas becoming one of the new artists that many people love.









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