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The Last Rocket – Takeoff

  • Monday, Dec 24, 2018
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If you follow hip hop music, or music in general, you know that the Migos are perhaps the biggest music trio to ever exist. Made up of Quavo, Offset and Takeoff, the three have an undeniable chemistry together and it clearly shows through the music that they have created since they first step foot into the music game. But individually, do the Migos have the same music making capabilities? The answer is yes. Even from who seems to be the most slept on Migo, Takeoff.

With his debut solo project entitled The Last Rocket, Takeoff takes us on a journey I believe no one really saw or knew was coming. From the intro track Martian, to the outro Bruce Wayne, Takeoff takes us on a trip in a rocket ship with him being the pilot.

I had zero expectations going into this project, because honestly Takeoff is the Migo I “know” the least to a degree. Compared to his counter parts Quavo and Offset, who seem to be the ones people rave more about, Takeoff has been the member of the group who perhaps really hasn’t gotten the recognition he rightfully deserves. But that should definitely change after his solo project gets more listens from music fans.

Last Memory was the first single we received from The Last Rocket, and really is just an appetizer into all that we get with this project. Takeoff’s flow and articulation is crisp and precise which is a breath of fresh air compared to a lot of mumbling that goes on in hip hop now.Takeoff shows his mood range with tracks like Casper and Infatuation in distinctively different creative ways. Of course fellow Migo Quavo had a feature with the track She Gone Wink, which was a standout track that didn’t feel like a Migo’s song but a Takeoff song featuring Quavo.

Overall, give The Last Rocket a blast and if you’re a fan of Migos or the Atlanta sound, you will dig this project.










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