Things to Know About South Africa

  • Wednesday, Oct 9, 2019
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South Africa is a great place for a nice getaway. There’s so many sceneries to view, such as Capetown or Hermanus. If you’re thinking about taking a vacation to a wonderful place, prepare for an awesome experience. While living there for a month, I’ve learned some things while I was living in 3 different cities. While it was a beautiful country to experience, there were also some downsides, I was displeased about. Here’s some advice for anyone who’s thinking about visiting.

1. Do not come off as a tourist– With that being said, make sure you don’t make it obvious you’re from America, or anywhere else that is a “wealthy.” In certain countries, they associate America with wealth. Moreover, some people will try to take advantage of tourists and hustle you for money. You can always be yourself, but appear “broke.”

2. Segregation still exists- Unfortunately, racism is still apparent in every country. When I was visiting Africa, I’ve noticed the Africans were working behind the desks at every local store, bank, restaurant, you name it. I’ve noticed there were a lot of caucasian people who were dining or shopping. Due to the Apartheid, white superemacy is very apparent, and segregation is quite noticeable. 

3. Expect to be hustled– There was a time when the Uber driver in Africa made me pay for his entrance to the tourist attraction mountain in Capetown. He apparently “didn’t know” that the passengers had to pay for his entrance, even though he was just dropping me off. If I didn’t pay for his entrance, I would have to be sent back home or dropped off somewhere. 

4. It’s cheap- Everything you pay for is a lot cheaper than if you were living in America. Unfortunately, this means that the locals aren’t getting paid very much, at all. 

5. Money is measured in rand– Say you have 1 US dollar. That one dollar would be around 15 rand in South Africa. Four dollars would be around 60 rand.

6. Homelessness is apparent– Like many other countries, South Africa consists of homelessness, even for children. It’s very common to see children on the street

7. Yes, there are “regular”cities and places– Do not feed into the stereotypical nonsense, you’ve heard. South Africa is a beautiful place, filled with lots of restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, bars, and much more. KFC and McDonald’s are very popular places.

8. Gender roles are similar to the traditional US–  Like the US, South Africa is primarily a male-dominant society. The women hold less power than the men.









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