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Three New Female R&B Artist That Should Be in Your

  • Thursday, Aug 29, 2019
  • by Tash Ingeram, 89 Views

(Photo Credit: https://twitter.com/babyrosemusic)

Most of what you hear on the radio ends up falling in the line of Hip Hop, Trap, Rap, or Pop, usually not too much rnb. Mainstream R&B artists usually have to venture over into pop for radio play. For example SZA, whose top two songs on billboard are All the Stars feat. Kendrick Lamar for the Black Panther album and What Lover’s Do which she was featured on and the song belongs to Maroon 5. Both very pop like songs but SZA has so many other songs that in my opinion musically by far surpass those. But let’s not fear too much because behind the radio we have our beloved streaming services and it allows us instant access to whatever we want to hear. So here are 3 new R&B artists to put on your playlist ASAP!

1. Baby Rose


With her new album, To Myself, dropping, touring with Lizzo and Ari Lennox, and appearing on the Dreamville, Revenge of the Dreamers album, Baby Rose is a force to be reckoned with. Her name is kind of contradictory to her voice. When All to myself starts and it’s so soulful, she begins to sing and the warmth of her voice stimulates every part of your ear drum in a way no singer has come to do in a long time. All though she is young, her voice sounds like a woman who has lived many lives, harbored much pain, harnessed it and tuned it into a frequency, unmatched and untouched by the impurities of this world. Heartbreak, heartache, and heart healing touch this album and it will have you in your feels loving every moment of it!

2. Asiahn

Representing a new age and state of R&B, Asiahn comes in and with a stunning voice, amazing tracks, she represents for the LGBTQ community with all of her songs being addressed to a woman. We have had other R&B artists do the same such as Kehlani, but Asiahn takes it to a whole another level with majority of her songs using the pronoun she. With songs like Lost In London and NOLA she brings a very padded, chilled, and smooth melodic vibe to the table. She’s definitely one to watch for!

3. Liza

Electric pianos have never been used better! Liza comes off with a light soulful R&B vibe that fills your heart with a Sunday jams vibe. Morning Glory hooked me right away with its chilled laid back track but words  that lighten your soul. Although she doesn’t have a huge catalog the songs that she does have will keep you playing her consistently!

There’s still so many more artist, new and old that you can add to your list. Like Summer Walker, Jaz Kris, Kehlani, NAO, The Internet, etc, but let’s start there!









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