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Top Reasons to Love Fall

  • Monday, Nov 4, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 52 Views

Fall is finally here! This season happens to be one of my favorites. There’s something about fall that brings a peace of mind. Everyone seems to be in a relaxed mood, sipping coffee, cuddling, and enjoying the cool weather. The leaves change and the weather is “gloomy,” just the way I like it. Here are some reasons why I think fall is the best.

Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING– First of all, who doesn’t love a nice, hot cup of pumpkin spice latte. That’s all that matters in fall, because everything is pumpkin flavored: Coffee, candles, cookies, you name it!

photo via foforms.com

2. Cooking– This is the best kind of season to cook up some of your favorite meals. Baking is popular in the cooler seasons, where you can enjoy a nice hot cake or warm biscuits. Perhaps you and your friends want to bake cookies together.

photo by Parker Feierbach


3. Cleaning and decorating– This can be a fun activity, if you’re in the holiday spirit. Put on some Harry Connick Jr., light some cinnamon candles, and rearrange your house. Add some red and orange pillows to your living room, or perhaps a plant.

photo via leashthoughts.com

4. Candles– Candles are great to sooth the environment and relax. During the holidays, there are flavors like cinnamon, peppermint, pumpkin, vanilla, Christmas tree, and more. Get the Fall started by reminiscing your favorite childhood scents.


photo via leashthoughts.com

5. Comfy clothing and flannels– This is the perfect time to dress up in leather boots and flannels. Or, if you’re the type to dress up comfy, perhaps a nice hoody and sweats will do the job.









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