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What it’s Like Being the Black Sheep of the Family

  • Tuesday, Nov 12, 2019
  • by Atlantis Aubry, 57 Views




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Being the “black sheep” of the family is very real. You’re the Meg from “Family Guy,” or the Kevin from “Home Alone.” Perhaps we feel we’re in the wrong family, and it seems like we can never win, no matter what we do. You’ve probably gotten used to it by now, so you just accept it. It’s okay! There’s nothing wrong with being the “family disappointment,”  but let’s just cut to the chase. Here are 12 reasons why you, my friend, are that black sheep.

#1  You don’t please people– You are the same around everyone, and don’t really care if you get criticized. You have your own thoughts and opinions, and will speak your mind, even if people disagree with you. Being liked or accepted is not a goal for you, so you mind your business. You don’t live up to their standards, because you are your own person.

#2 You’re criticized for everything- For some reason, your relatives feel the need to criticize everything you do, from what you wear, to what you post on Instagram, to what you should be doing with your life. Perhaps you didn’t call for a week or two, and now you’re the bad guy for life. You’re used to it, so you expect it, always.

#3 You are not close with your relatives- You may love and respect your family, but when you need a shoulder to cry on, or someone to vent to, chances are, you’re not going to call your dad. It’s out of the question to even think of that.

#4 You’re obviously not the favorite- You probably have siblings or cousins who are treated way better, and can do no wrong. You’ve probably felt like “second-best” more than enough times, and you accept it. Perhaps you’re the least favorite grandchild. Your family speaks highly about the other “kids,” but speak negatively of you.

#5  You have friends who are considered family more than your own- You’ve met some people along the way, who are a family-figure and mentor. You surround yourself with those who accept you for who you are. You feel the most welcome around these people and can be yourself.

#6 You feel like you don’t belong- More than enough, you’ve probably felt like isolating yourself, because you don’t really fit in. Perhaps you feel like a disappointment, a rebel, an outcast. You’ve probably cried before, because it hurt.

#7 You like being around older people-  Perhaps you didn’t have that so-called figure in your life to really guide you as a child, so you seek it elsewhere. These are the kind of people who give you game. These are the people who worship you and really have your back.

#8 You are misunderstood– Your family may not know you as well as they should, so they judge you, easily. It seems like you’re doing everything wrong. Your relatives never really had a chance to know you, because they still see you as a lost child, not the real you.

#9 You feel awkward at family gatherings– You’re the type to say nothing or barely speak, at the dinner table. You don’t feel like you bring much value to the conversation, and would rather just let the others talk.  At times, you don’t know what to say, because you feel outcasted, so you’re sitting in the corner, by yourself, staring at your phone or looking off into space. You know where you stand, so you accept not being the star of the show.

#10 You have a “weird” career choice- Perhaps your goal is to act or sing, and your hobbies include smoking weed and attending rap concerts. You relatives might think you’re a groupie or a low-life. They question “What are you trying to do with your life?” but you can’t really think of a good answer, because you have such a diverse, interesting life.

#11 You feel that you can’t be yourself- Multiple times, you’ve felt you’ve had to tone it down for your relatives. Perhaps you’ve had to ditch the booty shorts and heels. Or maybe y0u’ve had to cut your hair and ditch the Bob Marley shirt and the weed, so you don’t look like a  complete stoner. However you choose to express yourself, you’re not going to express yourself to the fullest, because you will be judged, no doubt.

#12  You’re Independent AF-  You were never babied, so you feel the need to get things done on your own. You know you got your own back, and will rely on yourself to the fullest. You are a beast, and you don’t need validation from anyone, except you. Your’e obvious strong, and through all of the things you’ve been through, you’re prepared for anything. You’re ready to take on this world.











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