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What I’ve Learned From Jhene Aiko’s TRIP

  • Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019
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TRIP is a healing album, and highlights reality, like losing someone who is close to you, whether it’d be death or going though a heartbreak. Aiko highlights our times of loneliness, when we are in the midst of finding our inner peace. She highlights real love, when you miss someone, and  you search for them in the soul of others, but can’t. She also highlights depression, the times when we feel like our love life will never work out for us, so we harm ourselves, mentally and physically.  As I was going through a tough time in my early 20’s, here’s what I’ve learned from this album. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Fall In Love-  Whether it’d be falling in love or going on a trip, it’s okay to live your life as an adventure. Perhaps it’s the kind of love you crave, where someone craves your presence, and will do anything, no matter how silly or dangerous. “While we’re young we should do something crazy.”  Live in the presence. Take chances in life, because you only have this life one time. 

Acceptance– Accept the things you can’t control.  If we let our emotions conquer, we will lose every time. Accept your pain and be vulnerable, but don’t let it define you or destroy you. When you allow yourself to feel or accept your wrongdoings, you can begin to move forward with life. Accepting is a part of growth. When we can accept ourselves now, then we can learn to love others. 

Learn to Heal:  Take a trip for your yourself. Alienate yourself to cleanse your body and soul. Take a step back from reality and ask yourself what you really want. Aiko reminds us we can get through the pain, even if what we go through is tragic or heartbreaking. Whether it’d be sitting outside by the ocean or leaving the state, we should be find our inner peace.

Learn to be your own best friend– Loving yourself isn’t always easy, but it saves your life. Sometimes, when you’re going through a dark phase in your life, we have no shoulder to cry on. Learn to be your own voice of reason. Learn to be alone. If you’re relaying on others, you will never be happy. You do not need someone else to enjoy your life to the fullest. Learn to take yourself on dates and live spontaneously. Before we can love anyone else, we have to learn how to love ourselves, first. You matter, first.











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