Why CNN Can’t Stop Their Stream of Pro-Kamala Harris Propaganda

  • Friday, Feb 1, 2019
  • by James Rivera, 333 Views

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If you care to turn on CNN or scroll their social media news feeds, you’ll notice a constant and aggressive stream of Pro-Kamala Harris propaganda. Every 20 minutes a new article or post appears casting the Presidential contender in a favorable, uncritical light. CNN has a particularly aggressive bent on positioning Kamala Harris as the frontrunner in the Democratic Primaries of 2020 and as the next President. This is despite the fact that the-soon-to-be overcrowded Democratic primaries are still a year away and the fact that most polls contradict CNN’s polls. The Hosannahs for Kamala Harris are overstated and puffed up while the criticisms are watered down, feeble and deflected. This is not by accident. A closer look reveals just how much CNN has invested in Kamala’s Presidential aspirations.

Kamala Harris’ biggest donor is Warner Media Group, the parent company that owns CNN. CNN has a financial incentive to promote Kamala Harris’ Presidential campaign and give her the type of glowing coverage not afforded to other Presidential candidates. This is why they avoid casting a critical light on her career as a corrupt DA who terrorized minority communities, upheld wrongful convictions and protected people who have tampered with and implanted false evidence to secure convictions. As California Attorney General, Kamala failed to prosecute Steve Mnuchin’s One West Bank for foreclosure violations in 2013 despite everyone advising her against this. Steven Mnuchin was the finance chairman for Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign. When pressed on the issue, Kamala deflects and avoids giving a direct answer as to why she failed to prosecute such blatantly obscene criminality. A little investigation into Kamala’s campaign finances reveals that Steve Mnuchin gave Kamala Harris a $2,000 campaign contribution for her bid in the California senate, marking her as the sole Democrat to receive a donation from Mnuchin in 2016 (On the national level at least). Of course, you’ll learn nothing of this by tuning into CNN, that hallowed bastion of corporatized media. These type of criticisms and honest background-checking are reserved for those candidates not aligned with CNN’s interests.

As a corporation, CNN has a duty to maximize profits for their shareholders. CNN is obligated by their shareholders to bolster Kamala’s presidential bid while simultaneously discrediting her opponents. CNN, a news media company, literally has money invested in her campaign. This explains why every 20 minutes there’s another glowing, uncritical Kamala story. It also explains the overwhelmingly critical and unfavorable coverage of other candidates such as Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders. Neither of these two have investments in or are being funded by CNN and the Warner Media Group. Both have ran on platforms rejecting corporate sponsorship and PAC money. Notice their pasts are being put under a microscope by way of constant negative coverage and discouragement from running. Kamala, whose past is even more questionable, gets a pass as her political career goes completely unscrutinized and glossed over.

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Note that both Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris both had claims of sexual harassment swirling around their respective campaigns for the Presidency and the Senate. CNN has very strongly suggested that the harassment experienced during Bernie’s 2016 Presidential bid is a detriment to future Presidential aspirations and should stop him from running. The sexual harassment claims swirling around Kamala’s campaign go completely ignored and the cheerleading persists. CNN won’t cast the same issue in a negative light for Kamala.

Another example of this biased reporting comes in the form  Hawaii rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s campaign for the Presidency. Gabbard’s biggest handicap as a Presidential contender is her previous views on LGBTQ issues. Gabbard grew up in a deeply conservative household that promoted conversion therapy for gay people and often spoke of “homosexual extremists.” Gabbard has thoroughly revoked her past stances and has consistently supported LGBTQ rights since 2012. Within a day of announcing her campaign, CNN jumped on Gabbard’s past like lightning. Her past stances on these issues were painted as disqualifies from CNN. As a Presidential contender, the scrutiny of her past is valid. While no politician is exempt from criticism those criticisms need to be more balanced and honest.

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CNN refuses to comment on or say a peep about Kamala’s past as a corrupt DA. Not a single bit of bad coverage, no scrutiny, no op-ed’s decrying it as the serious issue that it is. It’s all soft-ball coverage for Kamala, all positive all the time. What makes this worse is that Harris, unlike Gabbard, refuses to apologize for her past and doubles down with weak justifications when pressed on the issue. The lack of balanced coverage of potential Presidential candidates is astonishingly biased.

This is what happens when corporations are allowed to purchase stakes in media outlets and shape coverage to the will of their shareholders’ agenda. The glaring double standard is egregious and offensively blatant. With a little research, it’s easy to discern where this bias stems from. Even Elizabeth Warren, an arguably bigger name in politics than Harris and a Presidential contender, is being constantly sidelined for more pro-Harris articles and posts. Guess she should consider taking in Warner Media as a donor.

Media has an obligation to be truthful and unbiased towards the people who they report to. When that trust is broken, their credibility is non-existent and they deserve to be called out. CNN is basically functioning as propaganda machine, paid for by investors. This is literally a conflict of interest and why it’s best to try and research the media sources you trust before taking every news story they report at their word.

If not for such blatant corporatized political manipulation, Donald Trump would have a harder time propagating “Fake News” as a legitimate catchphrase.




*For a more in-depth and comprehensive analysis of how corporate media manipulates mainstream news sources, read Edward S. Herman’s & Noah Chomsky’s groundbreaking and eye-opening work, Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Media.









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