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World is Ending, I Want a Monarch

  • Monday, Jun 10, 2019
  • by Kevin Lau, 67 Views


I’m gonna come straight out and say it, I am a Nike Monarch hater. However I know that there is an audience for it, that’s why I had recommended it an earlier article a few weeks ago. It’s just so basic plain, vanilla, bleh, uninspired, generic, place negative adjective here. It enrages me that its basicness was so apparent that wearing it became a “statement”. So while it doesn’t pain me to say this but it sure as hell surprises me to say this, I really like the upcoming Nike Monarch father’s day release with a denim colorway. It’s amazing to see how a denim wrap and some slight details have made me do a 180 on the silhouette.

via Nike

The denim on the new Monarch highlights some of the details that I didn’t notice on the original as well really accentuates the gum colored sole. Something I never noticed on the original was the stitching, but here it is noticeable and accentuates the  design making it look like a more unique shoe. Then the red highlights on the back of the shoe may look a little out of place considering the blue hue of the shoe but when you look at the tongue of the shoe it is obvious to anybody that’s owned a pair of Levi’s that this is a nod to the brand’s signature red tag, which Nike’s Jordan Brand has collaborated with recently.

I’m assuming that it will retail for $65 and at that price it’s gonna be hard to pass up. I can only wonder if this denim shoe will be as popular to customize as the recent Jordan 4 Levis that came out last year. But even without that it is still a good looking shoe. Congratulations Nike you got me to change my mind on this one and in the age of the internet that is hard task.  These shoes are available starting today June 10 on the SNKRS app in North America and Japan, as well as nike.com in Europe, China and Korea.









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